The Beauty of Multi-Sport Trips

Posted: Thursday, May 11, 2023

Undoubtedly, hiking trips are, and always will be, the backbone of AGC’s roster of incredible adventures. I love a good hiking trip as much as the next gal, but when it’s my turn to guide or design a trip, my heart lies in a different category you may have come across on our website – the multi-sport trip!

Why Choose Multi-Sport Trips

I am a proud dabbler in all sorts of activities, from paddling to swimming, hiking to horseback riding, biking to pickleball…you name it, I probably do it in some capacity…often badly, but always with a smile on my face. 


Over the past year with AGC, I’ve enjoyed getting out on two very different multi-sport offerings – "South Dakota Hills and Thrills" and "Adventures in the Caribbean." Throughout just two trips, I’ve hiked, swam, snorkeled, biked, sailed, zip lined, SUP’d, wine-tasted (does that count?!), and kayaked. 


I thought I’d share a few reasons why I recommend exploring this category and signing up for your own multi-sport adventure!

The Benefits of Multi-Sport Trips

Life-long learning is incredibly beneficial to your health.

There are multitudes of studies that show the benefits of learning and trying new things throughout your lifetime. Learning new skills improves everything from stress levels to memory, motivation, happiness, and well-being. Here’s a short article exploring trying something new as a form of medicine. 


AGC provides a safe physical & emotional environment in which to try new things.

All of our multi-sport trips are generally designed so that beginners are welcome, and any prior experience needed should be clearly outlined on the trip page of the website. Our guides are expertly trained in teaching beginners safely and inclusively. We know that trying something new can be a vulnerable experience - and we honor that with each trip.


I appreciate the opportunity to try new things, like kayak sailing. My first attempt at kayak sailing was an epic failure, and I will never forget how fun & thrilling it was to try… AGC provides a safe place to try & fail with a big smile on your face.

-Michele W. | Best of Belize: Snorkeling, Kayaking & Culture 2023 


You might discover a new passion!

We love to hear stories of travelers who fall in love with new activities on our trips. You may have read our recent blog about Susan, who, after reluctantly joining our Living the Cowgirl Life trip, discovered a life-changing love of horses. On South Dakota Hills and Thrills, several women started biking again for the first time since childhood. One participant shared that she had shied away from trips if they included biking but was excited to seek them out in the future!


A one-day excursion on a multi-sport journey might lead to a lifetime of new and different adventures. If you have an activity that you’ve always wondered about, or thought looked like something you might enjoy, now’s the time to give it a try!


Perhaps most importantly, multi-sport trips are just good old-fashioned fun.

Every day on an AGC trip, especially a multi-sport adventure, is a new adventure! You are guaranteed to have lots of laughs as your group works together to explore and master new things.

Discover a new passion, challenge yourself, and have a blast with our expert guides. Click here to find the perfect multi-sport trip for you!

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