Sustainable Travel

Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel

We are passionate about nature, so much so that we've dedicated our lives to encouraging more women to engage and fall in love with the natural world! We also believe that travel can be a force for good, both in introducing our participants to new cultures and new beliefs and in providing economic benefit to the places we visit. That's why we strive to be a leader in sustainable travel.

We recognize that any form of adventure travel is inextricably linked to impacting the places and people that are visited. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the environment and cultures of the places we visit, and to minimize the adverse impacts of travel. As a corollary, we are deeply concerned about the impact of global climate change and work to minimize our "carbon footprint" in both the office and on trips.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, "sustainable tourism has three guiding principles: environmentally friendly practices like minimizing the use of plastic; protecting natural and cultural heritage; and supporting local communities.

We are an equal opportunity service provider and employer permitted by the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests.

Environmentally Responsible Practices

Guides practice and teach Leave No Trace principles appropriate to the environment in which we're traveling and recycle whenever possible in all the regions we travel.

We request that participants bring reusable water bottles and plastic containers for their packed lunches so as to avoid single use plastic bottles and bags.

We encourage participants to minimize water use during hotel or lodge-based trips by reusing towels and not having sheets changed daily. Participants are encouraged to take only photos and leave only footprints.

Protecting Natural and Cultural Heritage

As we develop new trips, we seek out those destinations that are less-visited but equally-breathtaking so that our new trips don't contribute to a culture of over-tourism.
When we do travel to those places that are already impacted by tourism, like some national parks, we limit the amount of time our group spends there. We instead choose to spend time and money in smaller, less visited parks, communities, and destinations.

We limit our group size to 12 or fewer participants on domestic trips; in certain cases a larger group size (up to 14) may be acceptable. Frequently our group size will be smaller so as to minimize our impact.

A Virtual Office

All employees of Adventures in Good Company work remotely. This eliminates carbon emissions from commuting to work and reduces the carbon footprint of having a physical office space.

We keep temperatures at 68 degrees or below in winter and above 70 degrees in summer.

All correspondence- both internally and with guests- is electronic, reducing paper use and waste.

Supporting Local Communities

Adventures in Good Company partners with high-quality local tourism groups. Not only does this ensure that the local community is benefiting financially from our presence, it also gives an authentic and honest view of the region from people who have lived there all their lives.

We work with local operators who work to preserve their natural and cultural environment and contribute to their communities.

We stay in locally owned hotels and eat at locally owned restaurants so the profits stay in the community.

If participants choose to shop for souvenirs, we encourage them to spend their money with local artisans and producers so that the money stays in the community.