Travel Updates

Covid-19 Updates & What To Expect

What to Expect on Your Next Adventure

We understand that deciding when to travel next is a personal decision that comes with both excitement and reluctance, especially now. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and supported during your adventure. At the same time, there are inherent risks integral to these experiences. We continually assess and manage for risks - as we always do, yet some risks are in our control and others are not. With that in mind, we have been reviewing the Covid-19 guidelines from the CDC, State and local health departments and have created the following policies and procedures. Evaluation of these procedures will be ongoing, updated and adjusted as new information and resources are available, as well as based on our evolving experience. We ask that you register for an upcoming trip only if you are comfortable with our policies and procedures outlined below and agree to our Responsible Together Commitment 


New Trip Procedures

As you read through these policies, please keep in mind that these are precautionary measures that may identify people who display symptoms of Covid-19, but do not capture the possibility of asymptomatic yet potentially contagious people present on a trip. And while we do not require a negative COVID-19 test result prior to travel unless it is required by local law or regulation, we do recommend that all guests get tested to help make travel as safe and responsible as possible. Furthermore, since new testing requirements may arise, planning a COVID-19 test prior to your departure - and keeping your negative test results with you during your trip - helps ensure smoother travel plans. 


If you are at higher risk for complications related to COVID-19, we strongly recommend that you consult with your medical provider to assess your risk and determine whether AGC trips are appropriate for you at this time. Please review the  CDC resources regarding those at higher risk.

Packing lists are effective immediately to include face coverings (one for every day of the trip recommended), hand sanitizer (70% alcohol-based), and thermometer.  

Travelers share in the responsibility for their own and others' well-being. As such, we ask travelers to practice social distancing for 14 days prior to the trip by avoiding large crowds and events, wearing masks in public, and limiting exposure as much as possible.

As per the CDC recommendation, help stop the pandemic by getting vaccinated, and if you haven’t gotten your flu vaccine yet, get vaccinated now.

Any guide or participant who tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of a scheduled departure or during the trip, will be removed or rescheduled from the trip. 



On the first day of the trip, AGC guides will take each participant's temperature. A reading of greater than 100.4 degrees will require further evaluation at the nearest heath clinic and a negative COVID-19 test to continue.

All staff and participants will be required to wear face masks in vehicles. Coverings must be worn prior to entering vehicles, during transport and upon exiting. Backup disposable face masks will be provided, as needed. Each trip has unique transportation logistics and although the exact vehicle configuration will vary by trip, we will follow these general guidelines:

Load participants back to front of vehicle

Clean hard surfaces in the vehicle at the end of each day

Participants dispose of waste in their own waste container within vehicles

Make room for empty spaces when logistics allow

Let participants drive their own vehicles for individual transportation when logistics allow

Participants will have face coverings at-the-ready to use when passing others on the trail, etc. - a buff or bandana work great. 

All participants and staff encouraged to wash hands as directed by the CDC. Due to the nature of our trips, there may be times when it makes more sense to use hand sanitizer rather than soap and water. 

Participants are requested NOT to share food or snacks with each other. Sorry, no passing desserts around to try a bite - we’re sad about it too!

Guides will wear face coverings while preparing and serving food. And for meals provided by AGC where you serve yourself, participants will wear masks and sanitize hands prior to serving themselves.

When possible, dining will be al fresco, and at lodges and restaurants, we will request small tables that are socially distanced. Congregating in the kitchen where meals are served will also be avoided. 

We will temporarily suspend our roommate rotation policy, so that if you selected to be matched with a roommate you will have that same roommate throughout the trip. 

If guides or participants experience any flu-like symptoms during a trip they will be physically distanced from the rest of the group and a determination will be made to seek definitive care. Symptomatic individuals will be required to wear a face mask at all times until reaching definitive care.



We request that any guide or participant who develops flu-like syptoms within 14 days of returning home get a COVID-19 test. If anyone associated with a trip tests positive for COVID-19, we will contact the guides and participants from that trip to inform them. Any affected guides will be required to self-quarantine prior to guiding another AGC trip.

Additionally, our offices are staffed for emergencies, and we'll be there to provide support for you and your guides as needed. Your guides are already trained in Wilderness First Aid and CPR and will have a protocol to follow in case of any health issues. They'll be proactive communicators and prepared to manage logistics around any adjustments needed during your trip.

As the travel landscape continues to change, please read on for more information to help you decide when to travel next.

What if I cancel my trip?

If you cancel prior to the final payment deadline, the deposit will become a credit that can be used towards another trip within 3 years of cancellation. If you cancel after the final payment deadline, the deposit is non-refundable. 

Do you recommend or require travel insurance?

While we do not require travel insurance on our trips, some of our domestic and international partners do. In any case, we do recommend that you purchase travel insurance to help protect you and your travel investment, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Unforeseen events such as flight delays, baggage loss or even an unexpected sickness or injury could impact your travel plans. For your convenience, we offer travel protection through Travelex Insurance Services. For more information on the available plans or to enroll, click here.

It is important to note that fear of travel, travel advisories and destinations being inaccessible due to Covid are not covered risks under the Travelex Insurance protection plans. However, insureds are still eligible for Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage in the event they are prevented from taking their trip due to one of the other reasons listed in their Travelex plan. To help you understand what Travelex protection plans will cover, please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions. The full coverage terms and details, including limitations and exclusions, are contained in the insurance policy. Travelex Insurance Services, Inc CA Agency License #0D10209. All products listed are underwritten by, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, NAIC #22276.

What if AGC cancels my trip?

If AGC needs to cancel a trip after the final payment deadline for reasons outside of our control, we will offer priority booking for the rescheduled trip and do all we can to transfer payments or issue a travel credit towards the rescheduled trip or a different trip that fits your schedule. Travel credits will remain on file for 3 years, so take your time to find the trip and the date that’s right for you! Travel credits can be transferred to multiple re-bookings but are not refundable at any time. If the rebooked trip is priced higher than the original trip, the traveler will be responsible for the difference. If the rebooked trip is lower than the original trip, the traveler will receive a travel credit for the difference with the same travel credit terms. Travelers may apply whatever discounts or promotions are available at the time of rebooking.

You can also transfer travel credits to another woman for her to use on any new booking.

Please call us if you would like to transfer part or all of a travel credit to someone else - and thank you in advance for spreading the love of adventure!

Not ready to travel today? Check our calendar for future adventure opportunities and keep checking back as we’re adding more every week! We're looking ahead with optimism and for 2021 and 2022, we’ve brought back many of our favorite trips as well as added some big, BOLD adventures. Guyana anyone?

Please Note: All standard booking terms and conditions not explicitly addressed here remain in effect.