Why Choose AGC

Why Choose AGC

It's true - there are numerous inspiring travel companies out there that you could choose from. So, what sets AGC apart? When you choose to travel with us, you embark on a journey that immerses you completely in an experience filled with trust, belonging, and connection. We are here to unlock the doors to a worry-free world of adventure, carefully crafting itineraries that foster a strong sense of camaraderie among women, while also deepening your connection with nature and diverse cultures.

Expert Guides: For over 20 years we have continuously attracted guides who believe in our mission and who are committed to providing travelers with fun, safe, and transformative experiences. 

All Women: We offer creatively designed, well-organized, and flexible itineraries that provide travelers with a supportive, stress-free environment in which to get to know themselves and each other. 

Unique & Nature-based Destinations: We carefully select destinations around the world that connect women with a sense of place through access to nature and an understanding of the culture. 

Training & Familiarization: We scope out the best routes, partners, and suppliers to make each experience seamless. We handle the details and logistics to allow women to explore with confidence.

So, when you ask, "Why choose Adventures in Good Company?" – the answer is clear. With us, you choose an experience that transcends typical travel, an experience that promises not just destinations but unforgettable moments of trust, belonging, connection and quality. 



...An occasion to step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith, to venture out, to hike, paddle, or horseback ride, and reconnect to nature, yourself, and making new friends.

...The opportunity to adventure for whatever reason YOU need to. Looking for fun and delight? Looking for companionship? Looking to gain skills and learn something new? Simply looking for a vacation? Or an epic adventure?  You'll find that and more in our list of carefully planned and thoughtfully designed adventures.

...To travel with women who appreciate the benefits of taking time to connect with nature and the peace and clarity that a beautiful journey can provide.

...To join a crew of gals who enjoy an excellent, active challenge, but who also know a day out on the trail is NOT a competition! Your guides and fellow travelers are venturing to support and encourage each other, to enjoy the camaraderie, and most of all to have a great time.

...To travel with an organization that strives to be inclusive and welcomes women of all ages, orientations, race, class, size, shape, expertise, etc. We strive to create an atmosphere where women feel comfortable being who they are, and where everyone enjoys sharing their similarities and celebrating their differences.

...To be dedicated to staying fit! All of our trips are active and require basic good health, balance, and mobility. Many women use AGC trips as a reason to stay in shape from season to season in between their adventures.

...To get away with women who recognize the value of taking time for yourself - especially outdoors and being active - to be able to reset and recharge from the overwhelm of everyday life.

...To allow someone else to plan all the details! You get yourself there, and we take care of the rest.

...To discover the strength and confidence within you - all on your own via your accomplishments - and the incredible satisfaction that comes along with that!

...The opportunity to venture into a group by yourself, with friends or family, or perhaps to meet up with women you met on previous trips. Every situation enables you to arrive and enjoy the adventure, comfortable to be just who you are!

...To take on new adventures, new destinations, and new activities, in a safe, well-planned, and comfortable setting guided by expertise and supported by the enthusiasm of the other women who join you

...Your adventures from a roster that includes AGC ‘Signature’ trips which have been scouted, organized, and tested by our guides and staff, and feature exceptional itineraries you won't find offered by other. women's tour companies!

...The opportunity to keep venturing; with a comprehensive line up of itineraries in every season, at every challenge level, and all around the world - there is an adventure (or 10) waiting for you!

...Time for terrific conversation, a lot of good food, guides who love to connect with the participants, perhaps some spontaneous extra exploring, maybe a rousing game night or two, plenty of stargazing, and for certain the opportunity to feel rejuvenated, energized and ready for the pursuits of another amazing day.

. . . To find out why our travelers choose to join our adventures again and again; be it the authentic camaraderie, the exceptional itineraries, the friendships that are made, the opportunities to challenge yourself; or simply that fact that we provide women with the opportunity to get out, be themselves, try new things, explore new destinations - and all while adventuring in good company!