Hiking Hut to Hut in British Columbia

Destination: Wells Gray Park, British Columbia, Canada

| Activities: Hiking

Rarely is it possible to combine hiking a wilderness that is so remote we are unlikely to see other people for the entire time, yet enjoy a warm and comfortable hut at the end of the day. But on this trip, you can have it all! If you want days full of hiking in beautiful wild Canadian mountains, experiencing all the joy of true wilderness and solitude, and love the idea of a warm place with a soft mattress to sleep at night, please join us as we spend six days roaming this remote area of lush meadows full of wildflowers, beautiful peaks, pristine lakes, and streams that are so clean you can drink directly from them. Maximum group size: 10.


  • Being surrounded by the beauty of mountains, lakes, and wildflowers
  • Hiking in the BC mountains at the height of wildflower season
  • Paddling canoes for a day on a pristine wild lake
  • Not seeing anyone else for 5 days and sleeping in cozy rustic huts in the middle of nowhere
  • Gazing at incredibly bright stars untouched by city light pollution
  • Swimming in crystal clear mountain lakes and drinking water that doesn't need to be filtered

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  • A local guide and an AGC guide (If there are fewer than 7 on the trip, there will not be an AGC guide)
  • Three nights motel lodging and four nights in huts
  • All meals from dinner Day 1 through breakfast on Day 8
  • Round trip transportation from Kamloops, BC to Clearwater
  • Round trip transportation from Clearwater to the trailhead
Excluded: Transportation to/from Kamloops, alcoholic beverages, guide gratuities, and travel insurance.

Trip Documents

Trip Info

This trip is rated as a 5 because it combines hiking in mountain terrain with a pack that will weigh 15 - 20 pounds (you will be carrying your clothes for the trip and approximately 5 pounds of group food, but no camping gear) for possibly up to 8 hours on 2 days. It requires being in very good physical condition. Please do not be misled by the apparently low mileage - our experience is that many women find the hiking more challenging than they expected. While no paddling experience is required, previous hiking experience is required. Prior to beginning the trip, participants should be engaged in aerobic conditioning for at least 40-50 minutes 4-5 times a week. Additional endurance exercise (e.g., going for a 2-hour hike once a week) and/or strength training is usually required. Please note: Training is especially important for this trip as it is in the remote wilderness and has limited evacuation options. Once you're in, you're in. This trip also will have uneven surfaces like talus, scree, and loose rock. Most participants should be familiar or comfortable with this type of terrain. If you have any questions about your physical condition, please contact the office. Rating: 1 2 3 4 [5]

NOTE: For this trip, emergency/evacuation/medical insurance is required. This insurance can be added as an option after you have chosen your base insurance, and before the final payment section. This insurance should cover medical and helicopter evacuations.

After a day of canoeing on a pristine lake, we spend the rest of the week hiking into a remote mountain wilderness area; we will not see any other people and there is no cellphone reception. While most of the hiking is on established trails, there is some off-trail hiking and crossing boulder fields. There is also the opportunity to swim (or at least dip) in mountain lakes.

We'll spend the first two nights and the last night in a basic and clean motel, with an attached restaurant, in a remote area. In between we'll spend four nights in two different rustic huts. The huts are comfortable, well heated, fully equipped, and we will have each hut all to ourselves. Both are two stories with the lower story for cooking and eating, and the second story for sleeping. The first hut has individual sleeping compartments; the second hut has mattresses in a loft. There is no running water or indoor plumbing; there are composting toilets and a room for washing yourself off. The 'discovery cabin,' in particular, has dorm-style sleeping area with dividing walls and curtains for privacy.

Please note: Food options at the huts are limited (since all the food is packed in) and women with specific dietary preferences or issues may need to supplement their food.

Below is the proposed itinerary for the trip. As is true on any adventure travel trip, plans for any specific day may be modified due to weather considerations, unforeseen circumstances, new opportunities, and group interests.

Our trip begins at the Kamloops airport at 2 p.m. on Day 1 or at 5 p.m. at our lodging in Clearwater, British Columbia. After introducing ourselves and starting (or continuing) to get to know each other, we'll go out for a welcome dinner. This evening, your AGC guide will do a “Pack Shakedown” to review your backpack content prior to departure to ensure its weight, sizing, and gear are appropriate. (D)
Today we'll paddle Clearwater Lake, one of the most pristine bodies of water in the world. We'll start with some canoe instructions and then set off. We'll stop for lunch and if you're so inclined, you can dip your drinking water directly from the lake. We'll for sure see a wide variety of birds and, with the abundance of wildlife around the lake, maybe even deer and moose! This is a huge lake that will give you a taste of what wilderness paddling is all about. On the way back to our lodging, we'll visit Helmcken Falls, the largest and probably the most photographed waterfall in the park. That night after dinner we'll review the plans for the trip and make a final clothing check to make sure you're prepared for the rest of the adventure. (B, L, D)
After breakfast we'll load up the van for the hour or so drive to the trailhead and the trekking adventure begins! Along the way we'll learn about the ecology of the area. Stepping off the road and onto the track, we leave civilization behind as we hike through mature forests and lush meadows while gaining 1,700 feet elevation. Although the mileage appears low on this hike, it is fairly continuous, at times steep, uphill hiking. But we take our time, stopping to gaze at the view, pick blueberries and huckleberries, or relax in the sun. Our destination today is Trophy Mountain Chalet at 7,000 feet, and it will take 2.5 to 3.5 hours to get there. After having lunch and settling-in to the hut we may have time for another shorter (and optional) hike to see more of the area. About 7 p.m. we'll enjoy the first of many delicious and hearty dinners, complete with a glass of wine if you choose! That night we can go outside and see a sky more filled with stars than many of us have ever seen. The stillness of the night is broken only by occasional night sounds and the peacefulness of the mountain night gradually soaks in.

Hiking: 3 miles to cabin, 1.5-2 miles optional after reaching cabin. Elevation gain: 1,700 feet (B, L, D)
Today is a layover day, meaning no packing up and carrying only what we need for the day in our packs. After a hearty breakfast we will set out on a longer day hike, possibly climbing two or three peaks, walking along open ridges, and, for the brave and the foolish, maybe even taking a refreshing dip in the numerous alpine lakes. We return to our hut for another relaxing evening of laughing, talking, eating, and hot drinks and popcorn.

Hiking: 6 miles. Elevation gain: 1,200 feet (B, L, D)
Leaving the hut after breakfast, we hike about 7 miles through alpine meadows, dropping down to the Valley of the Lakes for a lunch break and perhaps another a refreshing dip in a crystal-clear lake, before crossing Eagle Pass at 6,700 feet. The 6 to 8-hour hike includes crossing a field of boulders and some steep up and downhill trail. While 7 miles doesn't sound far, the terrain is guaranteed to make it seem farther. But our destination, Discovery Cabin, makes all the effort worth it. Set in a remote and wild valley surrounded by mountains, there is even a greater feeling of being in the middle of nowhere.

Hiking: 8 miles. Elevation gain: 2000 feet (B,L,D)
We are delighted to have our second layover day; a leisurely breakfast being much appreciated after the length of yesterday's hike. Our option today is hiking into remote lakes and to the top of Table Mountain. Or you might choose just to stay at the cabin and relax, it is such a beautiful setting and a lovely place to hang out. And after all, this is your vacation! More exercise, more rest - whichever you need more, you can choose it.

Hiking: 5 miles. Elevation gain: 1,000 feet (B,L,D)
Our final hiking day includes travel off-trail down a ridge of Table Mountain, with spectacular views of Moul Lake and the Phillip Lakes. We descend into the forest and follow a steep downhill trail for our final 3-hour hike back to the van. The entire hike will take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours and although largely downhill, will leave everyone feeling accomplished. In late afternoon we return to our lodging in Clearwater and revel in the feeling of hot showers. With clean bodies and clothes, we rejoin the group for our farewell dinner.

Hiking: 6 miles. Elevation gain: 1,500 feet (B, L, D)
It's hard to leave this quiet place and return to the land of cell phones and noise, but at least we are relaxed, refreshed, and, hopefully, recharged. If you drove on your own, you are welcome to leave anytime this morning. If you flew into Kamloops, we'll have you back to the airport by 10:00 a.m. (B)


(31 reviews)
4.3 Food
4 Lodging
4.3 Safety

*These are the unfiltered reviews of women who have been on this trip in answer to the question "What made this trip special for you?". We take reviews very seriously and often tweak itineraries based on feedback. Please feel free to contact us about any questions you have.

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Tammy R.
1 year ago

The women, our guides, the challenge, the views, and the food! Beyond anything I had imagined. Mountainous views all around with wildflowers as far as you could see.

Patti T.
1 year ago

Well organized, great leaders, fun participants!

Lynn W.
1 year ago

Constance M.
1 year ago

The participants and AGC leader.

Joanna G.
1 year ago

Leslie M.
1 year ago

Guides - Tali with AGC and Christine with Wells Grey People on the trip Spectacular, "wild", and isolated landscape

Ellen M.
1 year ago

The people - both the guides and the other participants, the landscape, and the physical challenge.

Nancy A.
4 years ago

The trip exceeded my expectations! It was amazing and I am so incredibly happy I decided to do it.

Kathleen L.
4 years ago

Tay was an exceptional guide.

Karen H.
4 years ago

The highlights were the wilderness, Tay, the huts, flowers, solitude, scenery, great hikes...

Cheryl R.
4 years ago

The total wilderness experience. The amazing views.

Elizabeth L.
4 years ago

Highlights included being in true wilderness, with lots of ponds to dip into. The BC guide's knowledge and love of the area was great.

Angela M.
5 years ago

The other women, the guides and the scenery!

Judith M.
5 years ago

The highlights were the flowers and lakes at high altitude. On the east coast, you would not see this.

Leslie M.
5 years ago

I knew this would be physically demanding, but it was more demanding than I expected. I (and others) think this trip should have ratings of "4" and "5" to cover the days when heavier packs were carried and the ascents and descents were extremely steep.

Nancy S.
5 years ago

Lee S.
5 years ago

I really appreciated the professionalism of the guiding team, and the approach to minimal impact in the backcountry. And of course, the flowers and terrain. It was a little late in the year for great birding. I was initial leery of group travel but it turned out great, hence the exceeding expectations.

Paulynn K.
5 years ago

The scenery, the remoteness, the company

Neta N.
5 years ago

Guides were amazing- very organized and accommodating. The scenery was spectacular!

Anne L.
6 years ago

The location was beautiful and offered some interesting hiking. We hit a great time of year for the wild flowers. The lakes were surprisingly warm for swimming. I would have liked more challenging hiking situations. The day we couldn't summit due to a participant's family emergency was unfortunate but things happen. It was disappointing to have the pace limited by the slowest person. On the last day at hut #2, it felt liberating to be allowed to linger at the final lake and walk back to the hut unsupervised.

Catherine E.
6 years ago

Highlights: Unspoiled beauty and grandeur of Wells Gray Provincial Park / Local provisioner Wells Gray Adventures / knowledgeable local guide Christine Issues: 1 participant was totally unprepared for a level 4 trip, therefore all hikes and activities were geared down to her pace and capacity. The accommodations in the huts in Wells Gray were extremely rustic. Be more accurate in your descriptions: No showers. Close sleeping quarters.

Barbara G.
6 years ago

Trip was amazing! Highlight was the magnificent scenery, especially wildflowers at their peak. Brenda and Christine were great guides, hut accomodations were actually nicer than I expected, food was decent, and congenial companions. Only disappointment was some lingering smoke from BC fires that obscured some distant views.

Julie Q.
6 years ago

The scenery was spectacular despite the smoke obscuring distant views and causing some respiratory discomfort. We had a group that meshed well- which we all know can be the difference between a fair and great experience. The trip leaders took a few days to understand each others' roles - I was surprised they hadn't discussed beforehand. It might have been a better use of their talents to schedule activities that each would be leading. (eg. Tuesday night map reading- which we never got to do- Wednesday 7am Yoga,etc) It would be nice to have known the options too.

Patricia L.
6 years ago

It was a beautiful trip. It was disappointing that the smoke was a factor, but obviously out of your control. Sure would have liked to have seen those stars! :-) The wildflowers were a definite highlight. Spectacular!

Catherine G.
7 years ago

Yes , laying outside at 2 am on a tarp,to watch shooting stars! Mountain views Hiking in the rain......knowing that I would not have to put my tent up and then try to keep dry the rest of the night and.... Make my dinner, first making a fire with wet wood....and on and on Hiking with ladies who after lunch could sit back and sit ....but well let's climb up that mountain and see what we can see. Oh, Let's not kill the mouse. Who is so cute. (I hate mice) But decides to eat his stash p, e stole from us, eatting it by my by new friends head... But at My feet (because I insisted upon sleeping opposite...just so I could hit my head every nite on the ceiling) Yes we had a good time

Diane M.
7 years ago

It was great to meet up with friends I made on Machu Picchu trip. The scenery was outstanding. What a great group of gals...we always had fun!

Gillian M.
7 years ago

Loved being able to hike every day in an alpine wilderness area! Both leaders were fantastic as well as the group of women on this trip.

Maggie C.
7 years ago

Seeing the wildflowers in full bloom was the highlight. When participants use a trip as a reunion they tend to form a clique and others feel left out. Most of those who had gone to Peru together did not make a big issue of it, but Stephanie brought it up a lot. That was tiresome.

Chris C.
7 years ago

the group the leaders the area

Rachele Y.
7 years ago

Stacey H.
7 years ago

The hut to hut trip was fantastic. The scenery was amazing; the hiking was difficult but manageable; the huts were well stocked and comfortable and the guides were fantastic.

  1. Where do we eat?

    In town you will be eating in restaurants where you can order off the menu. This is a very rural area, and restaurants will be at the hotel or within walking distance. In the huts the guides will be cooking all the breakfasts and dinners. Before you leave in the morning the guides will put out lunch 'fixings' and you'll take a packed lunch.
  2. What dietary preferences or restrictions can you accommodate on this trip?

    Food options at the huts are limited (since all the food is packed in) and women with specific dietary preferences or issues will need to supplement their food, such as bring gluten-free energy bars or additional protein bars.
  3. Who is this trip for?

    This is not a trip for people who need a lot of alone time, as there is limited privacy in the huts.
  4. I will be coming by myself. Do I need to pay a single supplement?

    You only need to pay a single supplement if you want to guarantee you have your own room at the inn at the beginning and end of the trip. In the huts we will all be sleeping in the lofts, please see the description of the accommodations for this trip. On our other trips you only need to pay a single supplement if you want to guarantee you have your own room. Otherwise we’ll pair you up with someone and then switch roommates every time we switch lodging.
  5. Is it true that we won't see other people and be completely away from wifi and cell towers?

    Yes! This trip offers the remoteness of wilderness camping with the comfort of a bed and a warm place to sleep!