To offer all women the best expertly guided active adventures around the globe.



To bring inspiration, empowerment, and community to women through expertly guided active adventures around the globe.


AGC values

We Take Good Care. We listen, use good judgment, and demonstrate respect for ourselves, each other, and the natural world. We understand that the success of the team depends on the care and commitment of each team member. We strive to never bring less than our best effort to our work and to things we care about, including sustainability, the quality of our trips, traveler satisfaction, and to creating a thriving community, workplace and culture.

We Are Good Company.  Our friendly and familial spirit is displayed in all we do. We understand that it’s the little things that make a big difference and we take pride in our excellent customer service, exceeding client expectations, maintaining 5-star trip and guide reviews, and continuing to find ways to surprise and delight travelers. We choose to be optimistic and stay curious in order to inspire those around us, and we take time to celebrate each other's achievements and success.

We Keep Learning. We are a growing, thriving business, and we continue to learn about new opportunities, efficiencies, and ways to improve where we are going and how we get there. We applaud personal initiative, encourage a growth mindset, and create an environment that empowers each team member to make decisions, think strategically, and learn from experience.

We Embrace the Adventure. We promote an attitude of resiliency in order to adapt, fail forward, and get back up through the challenges and setbacks that arise along the way. We do our best to minimize issues, and we are also prepared to work through difficult situations when they arise so that we come out stronger on the other side. We accept the change as if we chose it and work together to navigate a path to success. 



In 1992, Denise Mitten, a founding leader of Woodswomen, released an inspiring article called Throw a Party: The Hostess Concept of Leadership that would become a founding philosophy with a ripple effect lasting decades and carried into the founding philosophy of Adventures in Good Company.

Our philosophy

  • We want to create a space where you feel supported in following your own agenda, whether that's to challenge yourself or to take some much needed R&R. It's your trip.
  • We think that groups form the strongest bonds when individual needs and wants are being met. We design our itineraries to maximize flexibility and we will do everything we can to help you have the trip that you want.
  • We strive to create an atmosphere where women feel comfortable being who they are, and where everyone enjoys sharing their similarities and celebrating their differences.
  • We believe that feeling truly connected to the natural world is both a human need and deeply rejuvenating. In this context we also understand the joys of challenging your limits.
  • We find that experiencing other cultures in ways that are respectful and not exploitative enriches our understanding of our common humanity.
  • We are committed to being a leader in sustainable travel among travel companies. Visit this page to learn more about the concept of sustainable travel and what that actually means in terms of how we operate.
  • We love eating good food and laughing lots!