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Travel Tips: 5 Travel Apps That Could Save Your Life

Posted: Thursday, May 3, 2012

After about a decade of using a flip phone, I finally caved and got an iphone. I am still learning how to make sure I tap the correct letter when text messaging (my fingers tips must be larger than most, because this has been a frustrating learning curve). Once I master this task, I am excited to find out how this device can improve my life or as this articlesuggests could how it could save my life. Safety first is a motto at Adventures in Good Company and these five apps were developed with safety in mind, especially when traveling abroad. (Equally as exciting – some of them are free!) For example, 911 is not a universal call for help. One of the aps, tells you how to call for help in your country of destination. Whether or not you have a mobile device that downloads aps – reading this article may give you a few travel tips – such as inputting an ICE (in case of emergency) contact on your phone, or in lieu of traveling with your medicine cabinet, jot down a few names of over the counter medicines in foreign countries to ameliorate common adventure travel ailments such as head ache, sore muscles, or poison ivy. Planning ahead manually or technologically is always a good idea. Now, when I figure out how to actually download an app – I'll let you know.

Read the USA Today Article: 5 Travel Apps That Could Save Your Life


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