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Three myths about womens travel

Posted: Monday, June 20, 2011

Womens travel has grown significantly in the last 20 years, with over two dozen companies that specialize in women only travel or  offer women only trips  in conjunction with their regular offerings. A  more recent addition about five years ago were "girlfriends getaways", often hotel packages with an emphasis on getting together with your girlfriends to get pampered, drink wine, and recreate your college days.  As this notion of women taking trips together becomes mainstream, certain assumptions, or myths, have become prevalent. And like all  myths, they may contain some truth- but their widespread adoption obscures what makes women only travel unique.

Myth 1: A womens trip is usually just a watered-down version of a mixed gender trip.

Truth: Some may be. But women only travel actually had its start in adventure travel, and many companies offer trips that are  just as rigorous as mixed gender trips. So if you're interested in a  women's trip, read the itinerary carefully and call the company with questions if you're unsure. But never assume that just because it's a women only trip, anyone can do it.

Myth 2. Women's travel is all about shopping, cooking classes, and  pampering.

Truth: Again, some womens trips, especially Girlfriends Getaways, do focus on those things. But many others offer some activity with varying levels of difficulty. And many focus much more on spending  time in nature than in stores.

Myth 3: On an all womens trip, the main focus of conversation is men  and male-bashing is common.

Truth: Talking about men is uncommon and male-bashing is infrequent. Women only travel is all about camaraderie,  laughing, and the special feeling of connection that happens when women  get together. Sometimes women going through painful transitions with a  male partner may bring them up, but more in the context of seeking support than venting.

There are a wide variety of vacations for women available today. Whether  you want a kayaking adventure or shopping, a hiking adventure or pampering, there's something  suitable for any woman who wants to experience the special magic that  happens when women get together. Just make sure you know what you're signing up for.

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