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The Nine Most Frequently Asked Questions by New AGC Travelers

Posted: Monday, September 10, 2018

Excited about group travel but a little unsure about how we at AGC do things? These are the nine most frequently asked questions asked by travelers who are new to Adventures in Good Company.

Group travel is new for me– what is it like to travel with a group?  

We love group travel!  It gives you a chance to meet other like-minded women who love to do the same things that you do. 

It also means that on some hikes you might need to alter your pace to stay with the guide or wait for a group at a rest stop who are enjoying a slower pace. If you enjoy a slower pace it means you might be getting to the rest spot and quickly saying good-by to the group that arrived before you. Both paces are perfectly suited for a trip!  

You also should be prepared to laugh – a lot!

I’m traveling alone, will you assign me a roommate?

First, let me say – good for you! Traveling alone can be intimidating but rest assure that the majority AGC participants travel alone. Unless you have requested a roommate or a single we will assign you a roommate during the trip and your roommate will change when lodging changes. This gives you a chance to get to know other people on the trip. 

Why do you always have 2 guides on your trips?

Our #1 objective is to provide you with a safe trip our #2 objective is to provide you with a fun trip.  Having two guides ensures that we can meet both objectives. 

If there is a safety issue, there are two guides (either from AGC, our local partner, or a mixture of both) trained to help manage the situation.  

Also, we generally hike with one guide in the front and the other in the back or as sweep.

What about guides on international trips?

The role of the AGC guide varies with the trips.  She is there to collaborate with the local guide and to make sure to the extent possible you have just the trip you want. She is also there to ensure your trip meets the AGC standards of excellence. 

On some of our international trips, we have been working with the local company long enough to know that their guides share our philosophy and will provide an excellent experience with the appropriate guide to participant ratio. Whether there will be an AGC guide on an international trip will be noted in the Trip Price section of our website where you will see if there is a local guide and an AGC guide or two local guides (i.e. there will not be an AGC guide).

Where and what do we eat on trips?

This all depends on the trip. On international trips, almost all meals are eaten out or, in the case of lunches, in a picnic style. That is dramatically different than our domestic trips. On some trips, nearly every meal is planned and prepared by the guides with an occasional dinner out. These are generally lodge or condo-based trip where there is a kitchen. On other trips, especially those where you are changing accommodations multiple times, you will eat in restaurants. Generally, lunches are put out in the morning and participants prepare and pack it in their backpack. 

I see B,L,D listed on the itinerary.  What does that mean?

"B, L, D" stands for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  When you see this on the description of the day in the trip summary you will know which meals are provided on that day.  During some trips, you will have an opportunity to have a meal on your own.  For example, if it’s listed: B,L you will know that you will have a chance to eat on your own for that meal. If meals are not listed on a day you can assume that all meals are provided.

When the group goes out to eat at a restaurant, should I order off the menu or is there a set menu?

On domestic trips (including Canada) you will order off the menu.  Your meal and any non-alcoholic beverages are included.  You are responsible to pay for any alcoholic beverages. 

International trips are different in that most menus are preset by restaurants and each course is brought to the table.  There are typically a couple selections of appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Why do I need to bring a sandwich container?   

On most trips the guides will put out lunch after breakfast and you will prepare it and snacks for yourself and pack it in your backpack. Lunches generally consist of sandwich makings, some type of salad, peanut butter, hummus, chips, cookies and fruit. The sandwich container keeps your sandwich from getting flattened or your salad from making a mess in your backpack. It also helps us in our goal to reduce single-use plastic as part of our commitment to sustainable travel.

I have a special diet (ie. vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.)  Can my needs be accommodated?

It depends on both the trip and on your specific needs. With advance notice, we can accommodate most dietary restrictions or allergies on our domestic trips, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. This is not always true on international trips so please contact us in advance if you have specific dietary needs. We've found that if you are willing to bring a couple of items to supplement what is on the menu and bring additional snacks for yourself, then dietary needs are no obstacle.  


These are the top questions we most often receive and we'd love to hear what other questions you new travelers to AGC might have! 

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