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The Hunger Games and Adventure Travel

Posted: Monday, April 2, 2012

On Adventures in Good Company trips, participants often share some of their favorite books. The conversations usually results in a compilation of recommended reads. So, I thought I'd share a brainstorm after just finishing the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Now, I recognize that it is a work of fiction (science fiction/fantasy, at that) – but I couldn't help but “wanting to be like,” Hunger Games' heroineKatniss Everdeen! She is an inspiration to any woman adventure traveler. And I think Katniss and AGC participants have a lot in common! Read on...there is no spoiler alert in this post, it will just make you want to read the bestselling book, watch the movie (a blockbuster hit in its first weekend), then be the Katniss Everdeen of your next AGC trip!

AGC participants and Katniss both know...

  • Essential supplies are critical for survival – Katniss's first priority was to secure a backpack full of supplies. AGC participants learn how to be prepared for all conditions - whether they’re out for a day hike, overnight, or week-long backpacking trip, essential supplies are lifesaving.

  • The importance of a good water source – be it filtering from a lake or purifying with iodine tabs, AGC participants learn multiple water purifying techniques. Even Katniss (fighting for her life) knew to wait 30 minutes (after mixing in drops of iodine) before drinking.

  • There is strength in numbers – Katniss and Rue paired up during their wilderness adventure. AGC participants are also surrounded by like-minded women and agree two is better than one.

  • How to just be yourself - Katniss won the crowd over by just being herself. On AGC trips, participants are able to 'let their hair down' and genuinely be themselves. AGC trips are unintimidating fun-loving atmosphere.

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