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The Art of Unpacking after Active Vacations

Posted: Thursday, August 2, 2012

We all talk about and have our systems for packing for active vacations, hiking trips and other adventures; following a packing list, packing in ‘cubes’ or bags, having our underwear in the zippered compartments, taking a laundry bag for soiled items – to name a few. But---what is your system for un-packing?

Mine is usually wheeling in my luggage, placing it in the entry hall and leaving it for at least 4-5 days before finally getting tired of either tripping over it or continuing to live out of it. Yes---I thoroughly dislike un-packing!! It doesn’t help that I live with someone who, no matter when we return, un-packs immediately! I used to believe that my aversion to un-packing was in retaliation of the efficiency of un-packing I had to watch---but no! Even when I’m the only traveler returning my bag still sits for the next week awaiting attention!

So, if you are like me----what do we do? Well, we can accept that part of our personality and be comfortable with it or we can follow the ‘un-packing’ list.

Suggestions include:

   When re-packing to return home place all soiled items into one bag or cube. This can be easily tossed into the washer upon getting back home.

   Re-pack all hygiene items in one bag or cube so that upon return home you only have this one item to take out and place back into the proper spot.

   If possible---keep clean clothes on hangers so that when un-packing all you have to do is grab the hangers and re-hang in the closet. (This is by far one of my favorites!)

   Travel REALLY light so that there is very little to un-pack!

   Put un-packing at the top of the ‘to do list’ either the day you return or the morning after.

Of course---the best plan is to have more active vacations planned so that it is actually a re-packing rather than an un-packing! Now that’s a suggestion! What trip can I go on next?!

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