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The AGC Road Trip Series: Discover an Adventure Close to Home

Posted: Thursday, May 7, 2020

We're all having to adjust with the ‘times’, yet many of us are eager to safely plan our next adventure. What to do? The ‘Road Trip’ series from Adventures in Good Company is here to help! 

At AGC, our focus has always been on small group travel with ample time outdoors. Typically there are no more than 12 women on a trip and our days are spent largely on trails, hiking and picnicking together. So it stands to reason that our adventures offer safer travel options, especially if you can drive.

Which is why we are featuring trips that allow us to adapt our itineraries even further to minimize risk and maximize fun, including offering more single rooms (or tents!) and finding trails and activities close by and without the crowds. With AGC adventuresses all across our vast country, we're working with vendors and guides to revise accordingly and to help you explore a little closer to home. We will be updating this blog about all of these trips, region by region. 

The ROCKY MOUNTAINS are Calling!

First up, the Rocky Mountains - the mountains are calling, so hop in your car and let’s go! 

Alpine Backpacking in the Snowy Mountains

Find your inner mountain woman via the spectacular alpine adventure that is Backpacking in the Snowy Mountains. Rugged, wild, and totally off the grid: Wyoming’s Snowy Mountains provide a perfect backpacking adventure. Whether you want to learn new backpacking skills or to simply enjoy time in the wilderness, this is the trip for you. Highlights include sleeping under the stars, relaxing by the open fire, and a final rewarding soak in the waters of the Saratoga Hot Springs.

Living the Cowgirl Life

How about a wild west ranch experience, Living the Cowgirl Life? A retreat to the duderanch life provides crisp mountain air, a cozy bed, and hearty meals. Choose from peaceful ranch horseback riding, fly fishing, hiking in this spectacular rugged land - or - put your feet up on the front porch and read a good book, in between soaking in the hot tub. The cowgirl life lets you choose the best way to spend your days!  

Find Your Autumn Bliss in SOUTHERN APPALACHIA

Next are classic destinations in the Southeast: We’re looking for local ladies to join us on these distinctive adventures in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. 

Appalachian Autumn Adventures

Appalachian Autumn Adventures is a four-day mountain adventure that offers solitude, pristine wilderness, and lots of active fun. Get out and play in the invigorating fall air with horseback riding, hiking, and rafting on the rapids of the Chattanooga River. Relax in a luxurious mountain retreat, and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the Georgian mountains in style from the saltwater pool or sitting by the fire. Who knew adventures like this could be so close to home?

Blue Ridge Rambling

Find your autumn bliss rambling in the famous Blue Ridge Mountains. Enjoy the camaraderie of other women on moderate mountain hikes. Soak in mineral hot springs. Explore the region’s rich heritage, art, and music. Enjoy the thrill of whitewater rafting on the French Broad River. Brimming with culture, adventure, and time to relax, this six-day tour of Western North Carolina is the perfect opportunity to try a new venture - close to home. 

Fall in the Great Smokies

Get out and slow down during Fall in the Great Smokies. Enjoy the blazing autumn colors along with the camaraderie of other women as you explore the rich cultural history of Great Smoky National Park. Traverse endless hiking trails, soak your feet in the pools of waterfalls, and raft a fun section of the Pigeon River. Spend your evenings in a luxury lodge with hot tub soak and in a room all to yourself. Discover how much fun it is to adventure close to home.

Join an AGC 'Road Trip'! Get out, get moving, connect with nature, and enjoy the camaraderie of other women travelers.