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Simplify Adventure Travel for Women with This Piece of Clothing

Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2012

I just returned from our Canadian Rockies Hiking Holiday – the mountains and scenery were incredible and the participants were inspiring adventure women and just fun to be with. For me, those gorgeous views and good company were sandwiched with some quality time inside airport concourses. And while there are no mountains or alpine lakes to gawk at, there is PLENTY of people watching to do prior to take-off. As I was waiting for my flight in Calgary, I noticed a gentleman sitting across from me in the terminal – this gentleman caught my eye because he was empty handed – no bags of any size in sight! Meanwhile, I have a backpack crammed full of everything that would not fit in my carry-on suitcase. I could barely open either one without stuff exploding out of it. The man stood up walked down the jet way and onto the plane with his hands in his pockets! I, on the other hand, was balancing the weight of my backpack and pulling my roll-a-board suitcase – each would soon be shoved under the seat in front of me (taking away the already small amount of leg room I had) and into the overhead compartment which I refuse to ask for help when hoisting the carry-on suitcase up into the cubby as fellow passengers watch.

The image of a fellow traveler sans luggage – bewildered me... I mean not even a briefcase? How does he do it? While I did not get close enough to find out for sure – he may have been assisted by an item that I recently read about: The Scottevest Travel Vest from Scottevest, a vest with 24 pockets and compartments hidden inside.

According to a review from the travel blog, smatertravel: "the travel vest (available in men's and women's styles) is designed to store everything you need for travel, so it's like having a whole other bag that the airlines can't charge you for is designed to store everything you need for travel. It's also great for women who don't want to carry purses, and men who don't want to bring a backpack or "murse" (man purse) along on a hike. Since you can store all your valuables (iPod, passport, camera, etc.) safely in the interior pockets, it's also a great pickpocket deterrent. The vest is designed to be streamlined and has a trademarked Weight Management System and NoBulge Pockets. We loaded up the vest and can confirm that we didn't feel weighed down or look super bulky." At $125 each, the price is a bit high – but if you think of it as another carry-on bag, you can help justify it. For more details about the fancy and useful vest, you can read the full review here.

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