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Preventing Wildfires

Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2012

When planning travel trips for women – safety is Adventures in Good Company's number one priority. So as our hearts go out to the tarnished 'homes' of wildlife and people alike out West, we are reminded of how important it is to take precaution before departing on one of our women's trips or while enjoying an outdoor adventure vacation for women. We'd like to share two sets of travel trips: one set of pre-trip preparations and one list of trail-wise precautions.

Before You Leave, Prepare Your House

  • Remove combustibles, including firewood, yard waste, barbecue grills, and fuel cans, from your yard.

  • Close all windows, vents, and doors to prevent a draft.

  • Shut off natural gas, propane, or fuel oil supplies.

  • Fill any large vessels—pools, hot tubs, garbage cans, or tubs—with water to slow or discourage fire.

Wildfire Prevention on Women's Hiking Trips

  • Leave campsite as natural as possible, traveling on trails and other durable surfaces.

  • Inspect your site upon leaving.

  • Never take burning sticks out of a fire.

  • Never take any type of fireworks on public lands.

  • Keep stoves, lanterns and heaters away from combustibles.

  • Store flammable liquid containers in a safe place.

  • Never use stoves, lanterns and heaters inside a tent.

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