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National Geographic's Best Summer Trips 2012: Northern Michigan

Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2012

Great minds think alike! National Geographic and Adventures in Good Company both agree that Northern Michigan is one of the best kept secrets among outdoor adventure travel destinations. Traverse City, Michigan made the recently released list of National Geographic's Best Summer Trips 2012. Naturally, Adventures in Good Company (AGC) is well aware of this natural treasure and is offering a trip this summer to what is also known as U.S.'s “Third Coast”-- the shores of the Great Lakes. AGC's 2012 trip called Islands, Lakes, and Dunes: Exploring Northern Michigan is August 19-26, and is led by a one of our fantastic guides who calls Traverse City “home.” On the trip we visit an array of attractions: national parks, state parks, a wine tasting room, tea room, islands, and inland lakes. Most people may not equate Michigan and “beach” (that's why it stays a secret) but Traverse City is really the biggest little beach town on the “Third Coast.” Northern Michigan made the list along with other adventure vacation spots such as Exploring Scotland in Midsummer – all places to which AGC offers women only trips. So if you're still looking for a the 'perfect' summer outdoor travel trip – come explore one of the 'best' with AGC. You can take National Geographic's travel editors' word for it!

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