Living the Cowgirl Life Off the Beaten Path

Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2020

Wyoming is the perfect place to get away and embrace the beauty of the rugged outdoors. If you’re looking for a way to explore the wild west in true cowgirl fashion while still having modern comforts like private bedrooms and home-cooked meals, join us near Laramie for a secluded ranch getaway.

The varied landscapes bring a sublime sense of wildness, and are sure to leave you in awe. The terrain shifts from empty valleys and plains, to vast flat treeless basins, to jutting rocky mountains dotted with crystal-clear lakes. And the best part? Peace and quiet. Wyoming is the least populous state (second least being Alaska, but we’ll let you explore that later), and the perfect place to get off the beaten path and into a saddle or onto the hiking trails.

Safely Enjoy a Secluded Ranch Getaway - Your Own Room Included!

Are you eager to get out but want to travel responsibly? The best part of this getaway is the space and seclusion opportunities it affords. Every cowgirl gets her own bedroom, so it’s a great way to find solitude, even in a group setting. Luckily for us, we get the entire ranch to ourselves on this trip, so you’ll know your neighbors! Each cabin has two bedrooms and a shared bath.

Living the Cowgirl Life is more than a vacation, it’s a fully immersive experience. This week-long retreat ushers you high up near Wyoming's Snowy Mountains and settles you into a historic dude-ranch. VeeBar Ranch is a place of quiet comfort, outdoor inspiration, expert ranch instruction, and a place you're sure to want to come back to again.

You’ll have the opportunity to break in those cowgirl boots every day on this trip. After being matched with a horse appropriate for your experience, you can choose to hone your horsemanship skills around the ranch or explore the lush meadows in the river bottom, wander up onto high plateaus, or meander alongside cattle and prohorn antelope. Or travel the mountainous country with your new four-legged friend - it’s your trip, so you hold the reins to this adventure.

In addition to riding, you can learn the basics of fly fishing and then practice in the nearby river or stocked pond. For women interested in some hiking, the nearby Snowy Mountains offer a variety of well-marked hiking trails and a couple of hikes will be offered during the week. There are also opportunities to try your hand at skeet shooting, pasture golf, archery, and horseshoes.

The Allure of Ranch Life

Why is ranch life so alluring? Maybe it’s the crisp mountain air, the relaxing sound of the river, or the endless sky… but one thing for certain is the wild west brings a sense of freedom. You can choose to be busy all day, going for long rides, learning or improving your fly fishing, hiking in this spectacular rugged land, and joining in every activity we offer. Or you can decide to put your feet up on the front porch and read a good book, in between soaking in the hot tub. Or, you might sometimes choose one and sometimes the other. All these are possible- it's completely up to you.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your boots, grab the reins, and take control of your next adventure. This is the perfect trip for women looking for an adventure this fall, without the crowds, and into the wild!

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WHEN: September 05 to September 12, 2020 

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