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Knotty Active Travel Tips

Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whether or not you earned your knot-tying badge in Girl Scouts, remembering how to tie certain knots can be challenging on adventure travel vacations. I don't hang tarps regularly, or even clotheslines - but on active travel trips these two 'chores' are often a part of my routine. Be it in a hotel room or on the trail - tarps provide shelter and protection, while clotheslines are key to warm, clean, and dry clothing.

To hang a tarp or clothesline, a trucker's hitch knot is a good choice because it creates a line that is simultaneously taut and adjustable. Now remembering, how to perfect that knot is where I fall short. So when needed, I often refresh my skills with a quick lesson from a fellow backpacker or hiker. But, come the following season when I am out and about in need of a trusty trucker's hitch - I can never seem to get it quite right and resolve to practice. To keep up that resolution I sought out the assistance of YouTube. Among the collection of viral videos, bloopers, and music remixes, YouTube actually has quite a few instructional videos on knot-tying. I thought I'd share one that I found particularly useful. 

So watch this video, practice a bit, then, go impress a few girl or boy scouts with your knot tying ability. Maybe even help one earn their knot-tying badge.

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