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Join our Virtual Book Club - Literary Adventures

Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2020

We know you’re always looking for a great adventure. Whether it’s paddling through Portugal’s Douro Valley, or hiking Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, we’re sure to find Adventuresses like you exploring the outdoors and experiencing cultures around the world. But sometimes we find adventures in other places: between the pages of a book.

That’s why we’re officially launching a monthly book club.

We tested the waters with the Friends of AGC Facebook group, and read The Sun is a Compass and Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart, and even had the authors join us!

We were looking for a way to stay connected and take on some literary adventures while our literal adventures are paused, and found that reading and discussing travel-themed books was the perfect fix.

If you’re looking for an antidote to travel fever, and miss the camaraderie of AGC Adventuresses, join our virtual book club. Each month, we will read an adventure or travel-themed book, and come together (virtually) to discuss it with you!

What could be better than a group of like-minded ladies taking on literary adventures together?

The Book Club Schedule for 2020*

*Schedule subject to change as we progress through the options

Ready to join the ‘adventure’? Sign up via the Book Club event on our Facebook page. If you don’t use Facebook, please email to RSVP for a specific book and date. We will send out the virtual video link to everyone who has RSVP’d for an individual date/book. The discussions will be limited to 30 participants for each event.

We look forward to reading, chatting, exploring, and arm-chair adventuring with you!

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