Guide Wisdom: Boots or Shoes?

Posted: Wednesday, July 8, 2020

What should you be hiking in?

As we’re gearing up for our upcoming adventures, we’ve been asking our guides about their favorite footwear, and trying to get a solid answer on the age-old question: boots or shoes? Spoilers: it really depends on the woman in the shoes. Some of our guides love using trail runners instead of boots because they’re lightweight and comfortable. Brands like ALTRA and La Sportiva have great trail running shoes that work well for hiking. Tali Hunt, Anne Fluekiger, and Julie Fast are all fans of this style, and are good people to talk to about shoes! However, other women swear by boots: “I'm a boots gal, have had numerous Zamberlin, but currently enjoying a few pairs of Oboz”, says Heather Cutting. 

Others, like Karen Katt, have both, and switch from boots to shoes for summer trips.

Some general rules of thumb to follow:

  • Buy your boots early enough before your trip (usually 2+ months) so you can break them in.
  • Choose your style based on the terrain, temperature, and how much weight you’ll be carrying. 

When it comes down to it, you need to choose the right shoes for you. Make sure you get a pair of boots or shoes that fit your needs. It will make the hiking experience - and your feet - so much more enjoyable! 

Pro tip: Make sure to take care of your feet when you’re hiking - they’ll take you a lot farther if you treat them well. For more resources on the best boots for you, check out this article from Women's Health Magazine about the best shoes in 2020. 

How do you lace up for an outdoor adventure? Let us know! We love talking gear at AGC.

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