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AGC and Social Media

Posted: Thursday, March 8, 2018

In our opinion, adventure travel is about much more than just taking a trip.

It’s about dreaming of a destination, diligently researching travel plans, and stressing about your luggage.

It’s about immersing yourself in new place- its food, culture, customs, and sites- and exploring a new side of yourself.

It’s about sharing your photos and memories, and recognizing how your travels have impacted your life. 

So yes, adventure travel is more than just taking a trip. That’s why we’ve been dedicating more time to social media- it lets us interact with adventurous women and help develop a network that supports every stage of adventure travel, from the dreaming to the jetlag. 


Facebook: Our Adventures in Good Company Facebook page is the primary way that we share all the amazing things going on at AGC, along with any helpful tidbits we think you’d like to know. We like to share photos from our recent trips and as well as travel inspiration- quotes, destinations, and photos. Anyone can follow us and "like," "comment" or "share" the posts that peak their interest. And we love it when people do those things! Our followers' interaction with our Facebook posts helps inform our opinions about which trips, destinations, and ideas people are most excited about. Follow and interact with us, we love to keep in touch! 

The Friends of Adventures in Good Company page is a little different. It’s a closed group, meaning that only people who request membership and are approved can be involved in the conversation. This is a hub of community conversation and is run by YOU rather than US. Looking for rain pants? Ask for recommendations here. Find a really great deal on flights? Tell your friends here. Need help deciding which AGC trip you should take next? Poll the group. Everyone in this group is a woman with an interest in adventure travel so you have a carefully curated group of woman who can help you navigate the world of adventure travel. 

Instagram: Instagram is a great spot to share your own adventure photos and see other women’s adventure travel experiences all around the world. On our AGC Instagram account we post stunning photos about our trips and other inspirational adventure travel pictures. We also like to follow you in return to keep up with you and share your photos with our audience! 

Hashtags: Any time you post a picture from an AGC trip to social media, consider adding #myAGCtrip to the caption. Not only does it mark you as a member of our travel community, it helps connect you to us and other women who have traveled with AGC. You can search this hashtag to see how other women have experienced an AGC trip.


As we continue to support women on and off the trail with our social media efforts, we hope you'll join us and find inspiration and excitement for your own adventure travels. 

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