Adventure Vacations in Outerspace

Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take a hike – on the moon! No really… I’m serious – space travel for tourists is becoming a reality; that is, if you have a few hundred thousand (and for some trips a few million) dollars lying around.  While AGC’s 2014 trip calendar will most likely not include a trip to the international space station – could our 2034 trip calendar include such an adventure? And if so – would you go? (Assuming the price wasn’t only for the likes of millionaires and billionaires). Will there be a demand for women’s only travel trips to the moon? Now these questions may seem silly to some, but to “accredited space agents” like Virgin Galactic and Space Adventures – shuttling amateur astronauts out of this world is their trade. Packages range from a few moments of weightless wonder (most costing six figures), to week-long Apollo mission-style adventures (starting in the millions). That is the current cost to “get away from it all.” Budget travel in space is not an oxymoron the extended-stay hotel chain Budget Suites of America, plans to launch a variety of private space stations (nightly rate to be determined). For now, I think it’s fun to ponder the future of Adventure Travel… and I may just put “the moon” on my bucket list. There’s no harm in reaching for the stars, right?

How about you? Placing to cost aside… would you sign up for a trip to the final frontier?

To learn more about the extreme tourism space race, follow this link.

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