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Adventure Travel Training Trips: Training for Outdoor Travel Inside?

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2012

In most places, unbearable temperatures have made way for breezy, cool afternoons; among the perks of fall weather is the ability to get outdoors and train for your next adventure travel vacation. Before we know it, we’ll be forced back indoors by snow and ice, so we must take advantage of this weather… right? Well, maybe for some… or for some, sometimes. Personally, I enjoy morning runs outdoors with friends but even in the best weather conditions, an indoor workout beckons. Though, I often end up feeling a need to convince myself that it is ok to exercise indoors when it’s beautiful outside (this is not a fun mental guilt trip - its hard enough getting motivated to exercise). So instead playing that mental game, I give myself permission to go with my mood; I try to listen to my body and exercise where I led. I find that if I force myself to exercise in a way that goes against the grain of my gut, I will likely dread the notion and ultimately skip working out. So my mantra: Do what works for you and what works is different for everyone and also may be different for you depending on the season, day, or time.  If the bustle of rush hour and scents of dinner prep put a skip in your step – remind yourself of that and head outdoors. If watching Good Morning America while in motion gets you up in moving, go with it. The main point is moving that body and training for your next adventure travel vacation. 

Here are is my mental pro/con list that helps me move with my mood. 


  • Uneven surfaces and wind resistance improve stability and best simulate adventure travel activities
  • Good thinking time; reflect and breath in nature’s beauty
  • You can bring your dog along!
  • Get exterior home improvement ideas from houses you pass
  • Vitamin D = healthy bones and a longer active life
  • It’s free!


  • If you live in a mostly flat area, then a treadmill’s incline setting are ideal for training
  • The bathroom is close and water fountain too
  • You can get your morning news fix or catch up on your favorite evening sitcoms – just remember your headphones (laughing is extra cardio)
  • If you like to socialize and sweat but you and a friend prefer different paces, then you can use adjacent machines and set them to different speeds/inclines
  • The mere presence of other gym-goers around you often act as motivation

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