Our Participants

Every year an amazingly diverse group of women join us on our adventures. Some love to camp and sit around a campfire at night, while others love a glass of wine and a cozy bed at the end of the day. Some are wanting a quick getaway from the daily grind and others are looking to gain a new skill or take on a big challenge.  What connects us all is our love of nature and spending time with other like-minded women. We have adventurous spirits, courage, and a desire to explore. From hiking to seakayking, backpacking to horseback riding, we love being active!
What is true is for our travelers, is that its not about how fast you hike or how many passports stamps you have - its about enjoying the experience with the support and friendship of the AGC community. Our experiences are designed to encourage women of all ages and phyical abilites to (re)connect with their adventurous selves, other women, different cultures, and the natural world. We take care of all the logistics, so that theres space to grow and be present in some of the most breathtaking places on earth alongside other curious women, and all with the support of our experienced guides. 
Together, we share new experiences. We build community. We eat delicious food. We laugh a lot. And we walk (or paddle, snowshoe, or ski) away with new friendships and a mixture of deep satisfaction and a hunger for our next adventure.