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9 Health Tips for Active Travelers

Posted: Monday, October 8, 2018

Nothing can ruin a trip like an unhealthy body. It's easy to get out of our routines while we travel, so here are some easy ways to stay healthy while on the road, on the trail, and in the sky. 

  • Pack a small first aid kit. We recommend some aspirin, antibiotic ointment, bandages, Pepto Bismol, Benadryl, and feminine products. They’re not always easy to find when you’re traveling and they’re typically more expensive than they would be at your home pharmacy.
  • Wear sunscreen. Nothing can disrupt your trip like a burned face or shoulders. Many face lotions come in carry-on sizes and have SPF in them. When traveling, we tend to spend more time outdoors than usual so be sure to reapply regularly.
  • Tip 1
    Enjoying the shade on our Galapagos and Amazon Jungle Trip
  • Always buy travel insurance. We often buy trip insurance to protect us from having to pay for a trip even if we have to cancel it at the last minute, but it’s also useful for on-trip expenses. A medical emergency can wipe out your savings (if you're on Medicare, it doesn't cover you outside the U.S.) and travel insurance can protect you.
  • Stay hydrated. This is a little tricky considering high-quality water isn't always easily accessible, but it's critical to either carry a water bottle with you (we recommend reusable) or make sure there is drinkable water in ready supply. When you're on the trail, we recommend carrying two liters and using a hydration pack. 
  • Bring lotion in your carry-on luggage. Airplane cabins have notoriously dry air and it's easy for your face, lips, mouth, and nasal cavity to get dried out on a long flight. The same can be said for traveling in drier, less humid environments than our bodies are used to.
  • Get plenty of sleep. We often don't do that when traveling because of the oddity of a new bed, the jet lag, and the desire to pack our days full. But traveling can be harsh on the body. It's critical that you get enough sleep to actually enjoy your waking hours while adventuring.

Tip 2

Traditional Japanese cooking on our Japan trip

  • Know your stomach. While being adventurous in our food choices when traveling can introduce you to real local treats, you know your stomach. Don't overeat or splurge too much just because you're on vacation, and be aware of local foods that are dramatically different than your typical diet. 
  • Carry hand sanitizer or wet naps. You don't want to sit down to a delicious meal with dirty hands but soap and water isn't always available, especially on the trail. 
  • Stay active. Of COURSE we recommend this! You'll be out of your usual exercise routine, so stay active by walking everywhere you can and participating in active adventures. 
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