7 things we love about being ABLE to get back to international travel

Posted: Monday, March 22, 2021

When we contemplate what we love about women’s adventure travel, of course, many things come to mind. The one-of-a-kind camaraderie, the out-of-the-ordinary experiences, the symphony of laughs, and so much more. These merits ring true for all adventure travel - but what makes international adventure so special? After over a year of being unable to pursue an overseas adventure, we’ve built up some major wanderlust. We all get excited to go on a summer adventure vacation abroad, or to escape to the beach when the cold front hits. But that excitement was taken away from us, and we were left in a perpetual dream state for international adventures. Things are changing, and we’re brimming with anticipation for adventure opportunities abroad!

Here are 7 things we are absolutely thrilled about in being able to get BACK to international travel.


1. A change of scenery & perspective

Being able to set your Zoom background to some exotic locale was quite exciting once upon a time (what do you mean you’re taking meetings on a pristine beach in the Caribbean?). Being cooped up and home-bound has been an adventure in itself, but it’s time we plan to get out of our bubbles and into the world! With international travel on the horizon, we will have the opportunity to switch things up. It’s always nice to get a fresh perspective, and what better way to do so than going big and making it an international one? A change of scenery brings with it a breath of fresh air - it gets you out of your head, and clears the mental clutter.

The views are amazing in Portugal, with wild beaches, towering cliffs, spectacular wildflowers and nesting storks. Or maybe you’d rather gander at Guatemala’s lush forests, colorful villages, and enthralling volcanoes - it’s really up to you!


2. Exploring new cultures

We live in a globally connected world. Being able to understand and truly empathize with people from other cultures is more than a wonderful vacation perk; it’s a life skill. International travel connects us with people who live extraordinarily different lives from us, but at the same time, offers us the chance to uncover what we all have in common. Witnessing local customs, exploring another culture’s traditions, and learning about what it means to live somewhere so far from home is a privilege, and we’re honored to bring about these cultural exchanges through women’s adventure travel.


3. Returning to old favorites

For some people, international travel is more than a vacation; it’s coming home. We are part of a community that values traveling, abroad and domestically, so it stands to reason that many of us have forged meaningful connections to the places we frequent. Maybe it’s become a tradition for you to visit the Boot of Europe, aka Bel Paese (Beautiful Country), and practice your Italian in Sicily. Or perhaps you’ve grown fond of frequenting Mongolia’s stunning steepes and expansive skies. Whatever the story is, many of us have chapters abroad. There’s something comforting about going back and flipping through pages of an old, well-loved ‘book’.


4. The food

Have your taste buds been missing international travel as much as your heart? One of the most exciting things about being able to travel abroad again is the food. It’s one of the best ways to experience another culture! Even though we’ve all become master chefs due to quarantine pressures (*cough cough*), it’ll be a relief to let someone else do the cooking for us. And let’s face it -  fresh sashimi straight from an izakaya (casual Japanese eatery) in Japan is probably better than most grocery store sushi.


5. New mountains and coastlines to meander

We have become accustomed to our local hikes and outings. There’s nothing wrong with our favorite trips that are close to home. But the same 3-mile loop is starting to feel a bit… loopy. International destinations open the door to vast new landscapes, iconic vistas, and stunning coastlines that invite you to explore a country’s nooks and crannies. Getting outside is a wonderful way to de-stress and recharge, no matter where you are. But when you do it in an entirely new place, it allows you to discover even more.

6. New flora & fauna

Can you see a three toed sloth in the contiguous United States? Unless you’re Kristen Bell, it’s very unlikely! Sure, there are zoos where you might be able to gander at some exotic creatures, or there is probably a botanical garden nearby where you imagine you’re in the middle of a jungle. But being able to actually go to Costa Rica and see colorful birds, bizarre primates, and vibrant flowers is something out of this world. International travel opens the door to an entirely new world, filled with dreamscapes of flora and fauna you’d never come across back home.


7. Historic monuments

If you’re a history buff or architectural aficionado, you’re probably ready to bust out of our borders to explore a world with a little more pizazz. The USA is a wee babe in the historic scheme of things, and our historical points, while interesting and impressive, don’t hold a candle to some of the massive temples and cathedrals that exist abroad. The ancient Mayan Ruins in Guatemala are steeped in history and mystique, while Byzantinian cathedrals in Europe offer another moment to savor. Sitting quietly in the majesty of a space that is thousands of years old and has literally seen human history come and go, is a very awe-inspiring experience.


We can't wait to get back to international travel

International travel is not something we should take for granted - especially after the year we’ve had. It’s something we should approach mindfully and cherish. So what do you love about international travel? Why is it important?

Your overseas adventure may look incredibly different from someone else’s, and that’s part of the magic of it! You may be looking for a robust rowing expedition, while someone else might be hankering for a laid-back culture exploration. Whatever your reasons are, it’s worth taking a moment when you book your next adventure to reflect on the upcoming experience.

It’s also important to remember that how you experience international travel now may be different than it was a year ago. We’re living in a world where these trips take a little more planning, and being cautious (and even a little picky) about travel choices is something to consider.

What do you love about getting back to international travel? Let us know when you book your next trip abroad!

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