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Five Highlights of Traveling as a Mother-Daughter Duo
With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’ve been thinking about some of the mother/daughter duos who have traveled with us over the years.
An Interview with Sabina Sirco
One of the greatest joys of adventure travel is meeting like-minded women all over the globe.
An Interview with Maria Abud, Owner of Patagonia Trails
We talked about sustainability, women in business, and the joy of the mountains.
Adventuress of the Year Campaign
We're excited to announce our first Adventuress of the Year Campaign.
The unspoken fear about women's travel groups
There are several common fears about traveling as a member of a women's travel group: Will I be the oldest? Will I be the slowest? Will everyone else want to spend a lot of time shopping?
Outdoor Adventure for Women - PFDs
What is a PFD and how should it fit? PFD stand for: personal flotation device (aka lifejacket) and is your most important piece of safety gear when paddling.
5 steps to becoming an outdoors woman
When I was in my late teens, I decided that one of my major goals was becoming an outdoors woman. For me, that meant being comfortable in the outdoors for an extended time, which meant being competent in outdoor skills. It took a few years but here are 5 steps that helped.