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The Nine Most Frequently Asked Questions by New AGC Travelers
Excited about group travel but a little unsure about how we at AGC do things? These are the nine most frequently asked questions asked by travelers who are new to Adventures in Good Company.
Training Tips (Part I of III): 3 Month Sample Cardio Routine
2013 is underway – and for some, starting an exercise program may be among your New Year resolutions. We all know the many benefits of exercise – from improving our mood to decreasing the risk of heart disease- even preventing Alzheimer’s!
Should novice hikers go on beginner hiking trips?
The first time I started to realize what a difference hiking experience made was about 20 years ago. I was in my early 40s and guiding a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon.
Getting Ready for Kayak Tours: 5 Upper Body Exercises
Physical preparation for an adventure travel paddling trip is a great way to kick start or enhance your upper body resistance training routine.
How to sabotage your next adventure vacation
Sometimes your adventure vacation goes wrong all by itself - your flight is delayed or cancelled, you get sick just before you were supposed to leave, there is a flood or fire in the area you were supposed to visit, etc.
Staying in touch on international adventure travel trips
One of the most confusing issues travelers face on international adventure trips is how to stay in touch with people back home. There are so many options and so many variables, and it all changes so quickly!
Fitness Training Tips for Adventure Travel
So you want your hikes, bikes, and paddles to be breathtakingly beautiful not breath-taking, right? We do to! At AGC we aim to find a trip that 'fits' you. But if you don't feel that you are 'fit' enough for a trip – let's not use that as an excuse to delay signing-up; instead lets use it as motivational tool to train for a trip.
If the shoe fits: tips to buying hiking boots
Buying a pair of boots for a backpacking trip or a hiking vacation should be done with careful consideration. Pick the wrong pair of boots and you could end up with feet ranging from uncomfortable to physically harmed with blisters or even tendon problems. It is a task that takes an investment of time and money
4 tips for saving money on adventure travel gear and clothing
If you're new to adventure travel or an outdoor activity, sometimes you might wonder if you have to make a choice between getting what you need and putting your child through college or retiring before the age of 80.
Getting ready for overseas adventure travel
Mary Beth Bond has an excellent blog post in today's Vibrant Nation called check list: day before travel overseas. In it she lists several things that we often forget to do that can make a trip go more smoothly...