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Top 10 Hiking Tips for Women
After decades of experience, here are the top 10 hiking tips specific to women!
10 Ways to be a Responsible Traveler
Responsible travel is travel that has a positive impact on the places we visit, in environmental, cultural, social and economic spheres. In addition, it's an approach to travel that seeks to minimize negative impact on those places. Here are 10 ways you can practice responsible travel (and still have fun on your vacation!)
Magic of Mongolia- A Photo Essay
We recently returned from Mongolia and our guide Jan pulled together some of the photos that best represented this year's trip, group, and experience.
Top 5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Nature
Have you ever been hiking and felt like you were in a bit of a trance? What about when you’re riding a bike and get lost in thought, or paddling on the water and find yourself in a sense of flow? Some people call this mindfulness, and it’s a perfect segue to cultivating gratitude.
Seven Tips on Packing Light for Any Type of Travel
When you start packing your suitcase, you know a trip is real! But how do make sure you have everything you need without also packing the kitchen sink?
A Traveler's Guide to Finding Safe Food and Water Abroad
One of the best parts of international exploration is diving into new cuisines that entice and challenge our palate.
GPS Devices for Hikers
GPS devices are the topo maps and compass bearings of modern hikers.
AGC and Social Media
In our opinion, adventure travel is about much more than just taking a trip.
Seven FAQs about Leave No Trace
You’ve heard of Leave No Trace (LNT). You take only pictures and leave only footprints. But you probably still have questions about how to follow LNT guidelines in less obvious ways.
Five mistakes to avoid on your next international trip
We love international travel! We do it not only to see new things and meet new people, but AmalfiCoast.jpgto enrich our understanding of the world and humanity, and our own place in it.
We Cannot Be Safe, We Are Not in Danger
I woke up this morning to the news that a bomb had gone off in Sultanahmet, the Old City of Istanbul.
Making an impact through charitable contributions: resources for informed giving
Did you know that a leading charity-research group recommends giving to a single, specific charity this year?
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Adventure Travelers
Having been in the adventure travel business for over 16 years, we've seen a lot of people have truly amazing experiences during their travels. What habits do they cultivate?
AGC meets GoodReads: A Summer Reading List
One of the many pleasures of women's hiking trip is that often the talk turns to books that we're currently reading or that we particularly enjoyed.
Buying airline tickets for your next adventure vacation - Part 2
So after reading "Buying airline tickets for your next adventure vacation - Part 1" you have decided not to use a travel agent and that now is the time you should start looking.
Buying airline tickets for your next adventure vacation - Part 1
I've written a blog post about this previously but there are some new considerations and some new websites that make it worth updating.
How To Keep Your Feet Warm During Winter Outdoor Adventures
After the last blog post about How to Stay Warm in Winter a reader asked that question. And in this winter of unrelentinAWT1 copyg polar vortices and plunging temperatures, it's an important consideration.
A New Year's Resolution Worth Making
If you make New Year's Resolutions about diet, exercise, or general self-improvement, the odds are you won't keep them. Don't be discouraged, breaking old habits takes time. But here is one that doesn't require you to sweat, make radical changes, or deprive yourself.
How to Find Hiking Partners
In response to a recent blog, one reader commented with a question: Does anyone have ideas about how to find hiking partners?
Trip Preparation: Three Organizational Strategies to Minimize Stress
When working for a travel company like Adventures in Good Company, you have the chance to get your travel prep systems pretty fine-tuned. So I thought I’d share a few pre-trip organizational strategies that have worked for me.
The unspoken fear about women's travel groups
There are several common fears about traveling as a member of a women's travel group: Will I be the oldest? Will I be the slowest? Will everyone else want to spend a lot of time shopping?
Foot care on hiking and backpacking trips
My first long backpacking trip was 40 years ago in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. The first week my companion had constant trouble with blisters, trying a variety of treatments that were marginally successful.
Adventure travel and the beaten path
Like many travelers, the first time I went to Switzerland I read Rick Steves "Switzerland Through the Back Door". His guidebooks often have suggestions you don't see in others so they're always worth looking at.
Travel Tips: Surviving Holiday Air Travel
If you are leaving on a jet plane this month to spend time with friends or family, then airports are likely a part of your holiday plan.
Should women travel alone or join a group?
I saw a question in a TripAdvisor's Forum from someone who was interested in a Gutsy Women Travel tour to Europe and wanted to know if anyone had experience with them (Gutsy Women is a women's travel company that offers (non-adventure) group tours to a variety of destinations).
Adventure Travel Training Trips: Training for Outdoor Travel Inside?
In most places, unbearable temperatures have made way for breezy, cool afternoons; among the perks of fall weather is the ability to get outdoors and train for your next adventure travel vacation.
Knotty Active Travel Tips
Whether or not you earned your knot-tying badge in Girl Scouts, remembering how to tie certain knots can be challenging on adventure travel vacations.
Rock art or Sign post?
If you’ve hiked a trail or two – along the way you may have seen a pile of rocks stacked in the form of a tower. Some hikers may admire stone sculpture like a work of art and assuming it was crafted by a wandering hiker.
How to sabotage your next adventure vacation
Sometimes your adventure vacation goes wrong all by itself - your flight is delayed or cancelled, you get sick just before you were supposed to leave, there is a flood or fire in the area you were supposed to visit, etc.
The Art of Unpacking after Active Vacations
We all talk about and have our systems for packing for active vacations, hiking trips and other adventures; following a packing list, packing in ‘cubes’ or bags, having our underwear in the zippered compartments, taking a laundry bag for soiled items – to name a few. But---what is your system for un-packing?
When it comes to adventure travel, there is no bad weather
When it comes to adventure travel, there is no bad weather; there is only inadequate gear.
Simplify Adventure Travel for Women with This Piece of Clothing
The image of a fellow traveler sans luggage – bewildered me... I mean not even a briefcase? How does he do it?
Preventing Wildfires
When planning travel trips for women – safety is Adventures in Good Company's number one priority.
Adventure travel for women over 50: Are there limitations?
No, there are no limitations on adventure travel for women over 50. See, wasn't that a simple answer?
Women's travel tips: Some packing suggestions
I'm thinking about packing right now because it's Sunday night and I just finished packing for a trip to Scotland, for which I leave Friday evening. I'm not someone who loves packing, but I do it fairly often. And I know that when I follow these tips, my trip will be easier and less stressful.
Tips: Attitude and Gear Check for Adventure Travel
Throughout years of lightweight backpacking and adventure travel I have learned that and attitude and gear are two keys in preparation for active travel!
Five things you may hate about European travel
Although European travel is full of delights, there are at least five aspects you may find you don't like. But if you're prepared for them, you'll be in a better position to cope even if you can't change them.
Travel Tips: 5 Travel Apps That Could Save Your Life
After about a decade of using a flip phone, I finally caved and got an iphone.
Staying in touch on international adventure travel trips
One of the most confusing issues travelers face on international adventure trips is how to stay in touch with people back home. There are so many options and so many variables, and it all changes so quickly!
Outdoor tips: Adjusting your pack
Whether we're talking about a daypack or a backpack, it's important to buy one that fits. These days most pack manufacturers have guidelines about the approprite size for you, based on simple measurements. And while that's a crucial step, it's not the only one that matters.
Travel tips: Dealing with airline delays or cancellations
Sometimes the biggest adventure in adventure travel is getting there! Everyone knows that airplane travel isn't as fun as it used to be and having your plane cancelled or delayed has always been an inconvenience.
Outdoor tips - to sock liner or not to sock liner on hiking trips?
Sock liners are made of a thin polyester or lightweight wool material that help wick sweat away from your feet. You wear them under your thicker hiking sock and are mainly recommended as a preventive measure to getting blisters.
Travel tips: When should I buy airline tickets?
In preparing for an adventure trip, when to buy airplane tickets is undoubtedly the most common question we get. With airline consolidation and elimination of many flights, airline tickets have gone up substantially and will likely continue to climb.
How to choose an adventure travel company
Let's start with the premise that there are lots of good adventure travel companies out there and that the great majority of companies that survived the last 3 years are doing something right, at least for some people.
Outdoor Tips and Topics - keeping your hands warm
Winter time does not necessarily mean we need to put an end to our outdoor adventures. We can still hike, run, snowshoe, cross country ski, dogsled and even paddle (at least in places where the water isn't frozen!)
What's in your overseas adventure travel first aid kit
When thinking about what to put in your overseas adventure travel first aid kit, you need to answer three questions:
Salmon salad: the perfect adventure travel lunch
Halfway through the day we pulled over on a sandbar and the guides made lunch. Lunches on a raft trip are always good and this was no exception. But that day we had salmon salad. I didn't watch the
3 Reasons Why Adventure Travel is Best in the Off Season
The off season is my favorite time for adventure travel, and last weekend reminded me why.
Travel tips: Why a plastic sandwich box is your best friend
I started using a plastic sandwich box over 30 years ago on my backpacking trips. I used it as a dinner bowl and then packed any leftovers from the meal into it for lunch the next day. And though I don't backpack very often anymore, I still find a plastic sandwich box one of my most cherished travel items.
Hiking tips: 5 steps to save your knees
On hiking trips, especially those that involve significant or steep downs, your knees often take a pounding.
Can you trust TripAdvisor when planning overseas adventure travel
The question of whether you can trust TripAdvisor for planning overseas adventure travel, or domestic travel for that matter, is an important one for anyone who regularly plans her own trips.
Handy Uses for Bandanas
We often include bandanas on our Adventures in Good Company trip packing lists and people often ask: do we really need one?
Tips for buying a daypack
On most of our hiking trips we require a daypack be carried to hold all your gear for the day's outing. Here are some other guidelines for buying a daypack.
Peanut butter and overseas adventure travel
Anytime I travel, especially overseas adventure travel, I try to think of at least one thing I learned that will be useful for other women travelers. That thing from my latest trip to the Austrian Alps is - bring peanut butter.
Six tips for great National Park trips
We love National Park trips! Death Valley, Zion, Great Smokies, Grand Canyon, Acadia, Denali etc- we visit lots of them on our trips. But the great news is that you don't need to sign up for one of our trips to have an amazing time. Here are 6 tips to help you make the most of your next visit.
7 Weight Loss Tips (for your pack, of course)
From Jan Latham, one of our guides whose missionin life is making sure no one goes out on one of her trips with a pack that weights more than 30 pounds.
Traveling tips: Dealing with money
The best way to deal with money to some extent depends on the particular country you're visiting. But here are some general tips you may find helpful.
4 Ways to ship your wilderness backpacking gear
So you're flying off on a wilderness backpacking vacation and you need to get your backpack to your destination. There are 4 ways to chosse from, which we'll discuss in order of the least safe to the most safe way to get it there.
How much water should you drink a day?
The question of how much water you should drink a day is both common and important. When you're on outdoor adventure trips, staying adequately hydrated is critical not only to your enjoyment and efficiency, its also important to your safety: being dehydrated can lead to clumsiness and poor decision-making.
Outdoor Tips and Topics: Does Cotton Really Kill?
Is it true outdoors women should never wear cotton on an outdoor adventure? The answer is: yes, most of the time.
Preparing for active travel vacations
This was contributed by Katie Flanagan: One of my favorite places to prepare for active travel vacations is the local library.
Tips for Overseas Adventure Travel: Plugs and Converters
Overseas adventure travel is fun and rewarding, and takes some preparation. Women commonly ask if there will be a place they can plug in a rechargeable camera battery or recharge a cell phone or plug in a hairdryer?
Getting ready for overseas adventure travel
Mary Beth Bond has an excellent blog post in today's Vibrant Nation called check list: day before travel overseas. In it she lists several things that we often forget to do that can make a trip go more smoothly...