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Announcing Partnerships with National Parks' Friends Groups
Adventures in Good Company is proud to announce partnerships with the official partners of twelve U.S. National Parks.
An Interview with Enkh-Oyun Erdenebaatar, Director of Mongolian Gobi Taiga Tour Company
The story of AGC’s partnership with Mongolian Gobi Taiga Tour Co. is one of female relationships and support.
20 Ideas for Responsible Travel
Perhaps you’ve heard of sustainable travel, low impact travel, or green travel. We like the term "Responsible Travel."
An Interview with Sabina Sirco
One of the greatest joys of adventure travel is meeting like-minded women all over the globe.
An Interview with Maria Abud, Owner of Patagonia Trails
We talked about sustainability, women in business, and the joy of the mountains.
Best Parks for Sustainable Travel
If you want to help diminish your impact on our public lands, here are some of the parks that I think do that best.
10 Ways to be a Responsible Traveler
Responsible travel is travel that has a positive impact on the places we visit, in environmental, cultural, social and economic spheres. In addition, it's an approach to travel that seeks to minimize negative impact on those places. Here are 10 ways you can practice responsible travel (and still have fun on your vacation!)
What (and Where) is the Via Dinarica?
Wild. Austere. Pioneering. The Via Dinarica is unlike any other trail you’ve ever trekked
Giving Back this Holiday Season
If you're looking to give back this holiday season, the groups below are organizations or individuals that we know, love, and endorse.
Two Widows from Nepal Climbing Towards Equality in the Mountains
When our early morning flight along the Himalayan peaks ended quickly on the short runway in Lucla, Nepal, we walked off the 16-seater Summit Airlines plane to meet our female guide team for our 14-day trek to Everest Base Camp. We didn’t know yet that the summit of Mount Everest, not just the base camp, was the dream for two of our guides.
9 Health Tips for Active Travelers
Nothing can ruin a trip like an unhealthy body. It's easy to get out of our routines while we travel, so here are some easy ways to stay healthy while on the road, on the trail, and in the sky.
When and Why to Use Rubber Tips on Trekking Poles
What's the deal with the rubber tips? Why are they there, and should you use them?
The Nine Most Frequently Asked Questions by New AGC Travelers
Excited about group travel but a little unsure about how we at AGC do things? These are the nine most frequently asked questions asked by travelers who are new to Adventures in Good Company.
Trail Etiquette for Hiking Groups
Like everything in life, there are some all-too-often unspoken norms that dictate hiking etiquette. This is especially true for hiking in a group!
Seven FAQs about Leave No Trace
You’ve heard of Leave No Trace (LNT). You take only pictures and leave only footprints. But you probably still have questions about how to follow LNT guidelines in less obvious ways.
What is small group adventure travel?
The other day I was perusing another company's website and saw the claim "Small group adventure travel, never over 18". For non-adventure travel companies I've seen the same claim for groups up to 25. Which got me thinking - what is a small group and is that desirable?
Adventure travel and the beaten path
Like many travelers, the first time I went to Switzerland I read Rick Steves "Switzerland Through the Back Door". His guidebooks often have suggestions you don't see in others so they're always worth looking at.
Rock art or Sign post?
If you’ve hiked a trail or two – along the way you may have seen a pile of rocks stacked in the form of a tower. Some hikers may admire stone sculpture like a work of art and assuming it was crafted by a wandering hiker.
Happy Birthday Appalachian Trail!
This week marks the 75th anniversary of the Appalachian Trail. Quite appropriately a group of women with Adventures in Good Company is out backpacking a section of the “AT” this week in Vermont.
Preventing Wildfires
When planning travel trips for women – safety is Adventures in Good Company's number one priority.
Celebrate Earth Day with Adventure Travel & Green Travel Tips
Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day! 2012 marks the 42nd Anniversary of the eco-friendly holiday.
Hydration Packs - staying well-hydrated in the outdoors
We have written in previous blogs, newsletter articles and even in the notes section of our packing list about hydration packs. But I wanted to emphasize again why this piece of equipment can be superior to water bottles for outdoor adventure travel.
Adventure travel: What's the real price of your trip. Part 2
For the second question, how much additional will you end up spending, here are the issues to consider:
Adventure travel: What's the real price of your trip? Part 1
Some people complain that airline pricing is opaque because of fees, taxes etc. - but that is nothing compared to adventure travel.