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Top 10 Hiking Tips for Women
After decades of experience, here are the top 10 hiking tips specific to women!
Trekking poles for hiking trips: the 4 most common questions
We always have hiking poles on the packing list of any hiking trip we offer. Here are the most common questions we get.
Should novice hikers go on beginner hiking trips?
The first time I started to realize what a difference hiking experience made was about 20 years ago. I was in my early 40s and guiding a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon.
Appalachian Trail Backpacking – the movie!
You may be familiar with the storied Appalachian Trail. Affectionately known as the “Green Tunnel” or “AT,” it stretches approximately 2,200 miles from Georgia to Maine. Eight of AGC's adventure travel trips include portions of the Appalachian Trail.
Dressing for your next hiking vacation
This picture of some women who were on our recent Wildflowers and Waterfalls hike perfectly demonstrates the equipment and clothing you need for a hiking vacation.
If the shoe fits: tips to buying hiking boots
Buying a pair of boots for a backpacking trip or a hiking vacation should be done with careful consideration. Pick the wrong pair of boots and you could end up with feet ranging from uncomfortable to physically harmed with blisters or even tendon problems. It is a task that takes an investment of time and money
5 things I learned while hiking Scotland
Hiking Scotland this fall was full of learning, as hiking trips anywhere always are. Here are 5 things I learned:
3 snack suggestions for your next adventure trip
On any adventure trip, you can be sure of one thing - you're going to need some extra snacks to compensate for all that energy you're putting out.