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Two Widows from Nepal Climbing Towards Equality in the Mountains
When our early morning flight along the Himalayan peaks ended quickly on the short runway in Lucla, Nepal, we walked off the 16-seater Summit Airlines plane to meet our female guide team for our 14-day trek to Everest Base Camp. We didn’t know yet that the summit of Mount Everest, not just the base camp, was the dream for two of our guides.
Top 5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Nature
Have you ever been hiking and felt like you were in a bit of a trance? What about when you’re riding a bike and get lost in thought, or paddling on the water and find yourself in a sense of flow? Some people call this mindfulness, and it’s a perfect segue to cultivating gratitude.
A Traveler's Guide to Finding Safe Food and Water Abroad
One of the best parts of international exploration is diving into new cuisines that entice and challenge our palate.
The 6 Best Hiking Apps
It's one thing to lose yourself in nature. It's an entirely different thing to get lost in nature.
How to Train for Your Next Hiking Trip
The correct title for this should probably be "How I'm training for my next hiking trip".
Climbing Kilimanjaro: 5 decisions to make
Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is a dream for many women. It's non-technical, meaning you don't need mountaineering skills or even to be an athlete. It is also truly a physical and mental challenge.
How to Stay Warm Outside in Winter
Plunging temperatures this week may have you convinced there is no alternative to staying indoors with a good book until Spring. Think again!
A New Year's Resolution Worth Making
If you make New Year's Resolutions about diet, exercise, or general self-improvement, the odds are you won't keep them. Don't be discouraged, breaking old habits takes time. But here is one that doesn't require you to sweat, make radical changes, or deprive yourself.
How to Find Hiking Partners
In response to a recent blog, one reader commented with a question: Does anyone have ideas about how to find hiking partners?
Unplugging from the Outside World
Packing up to leave for a recent trip on the Colorado River, I felt a twinge of angst as I threw my cell phone in the suitcase to leave behind. “When was the last time I was without this constant companion?
Hydration and hiking trips: how much water do you need?
Someone on one of our recent hiking trips suggested that we should increase the amount of water we recommend carrying from 2 liters to 3 liters, particularly on one hike. I had done that hike a few years back and knew I didn't even finish my 1.5 liters on it, but it got me todescribe the image thinking: how do you know how much water to carry?
Training Tips (Part III of III): Hiking Leg Preparation
For years, my exercise routine included cardio (running/walking, cycling, stair master, etc.), upper body weight training, and abs. I figured that my cardio routine was ‘enough’ exercise for my legs, so I could skip lower body weight training.
A 'Heart Healthy' Valentines the AGC Way
Tis the season (or at least weekend) for chocolates, roses, and heart tipped arrows. And while chocolate is a staple in my essential outdoor supply kit – I thought I’d take the opportunity this February 14th to share a few alternative Valentine’s Day celebrations Adventures in Good Company style.
Training Tips (Part II of III): RPE Decoded for Active Travel
A few mornings each week, I teach a group cycling class at a local gym. There are typically about 25 people in the class at all different fitness levels, each with different fitness goals. So how do I ensure each student gets the workout they need/want?
Training Tips (Part I of III): 3 Month Sample Cardio Routine
2013 is underway – and for some, starting an exercise program may be among your New Year resolutions. We all know the many benefits of exercise – from improving our mood to decreasing the risk of heart disease- even preventing Alzheimer’s!
Three myths about training for hiking trips
Arriving at a hiking trip that you're really not physically prepared for is no fun. But at the same time you don't want to unnecessarily talk yourself out of a hiking trip that you might love.
First Day Hikes - January 1, 2013
Two holidays down, one to go! As 2013 approaches, fresh starts and new habits are on the minds of many including our nation’s state parks.
Travel Tips: Surviving Holiday Air Travel
If you are leaving on a jet plane this month to spend time with friends or family, then airports are likely a part of your holiday plan.
Getting Ready for Kayak Tours: 5 Upper Body Exercises
Physical preparation for an adventure travel paddling trip is a great way to kick start or enhance your upper body resistance training routine.
Adventure Travel Training Trips: Training for Outdoor Travel Inside?
In most places, unbearable temperatures have made way for breezy, cool afternoons; among the perks of fall weather is the ability to get outdoors and train for your next adventure travel vacation.
High altitude adventure trips for women: what you need to know
Should you even consider one of our adventure trips for women that involve high altitude? If you're like most people, you may never have been over 8 - 10,000 feet and you have no idea how you will respond.
International adventure travel and low fat diets
A couple of years ago I had to start restricting my intake of saturated and trans-fats for health reasons, and I wondered how it would impact my international adventure travel plans. I've definitely made some adjustments but it really hasn't been that difficult.
Hydration made Easy for Active Vacations or Everyday Living
Its summer time and temperatures are rising. So, whether participating in active travel or staying close to home – hiking, biking, walking, or gardening – a well hydrated body will lead to a more pleasant experience.
Hiking Vacations and Fitness: The Perfect Match
Hiking vacations have always been my personal favorite: hiking through beautiful scenery by day, enjoying fabulous food without any worries about weight gain, and then ending the day tired and happy in a cozy bed - it doesn't get better than that! But I now have confirmation that not only is it enjoyable, it's even good for me!!
Fitness Training Tips for Adventure Travel
So you want your hikes, bikes, and paddles to be breathtakingly beautiful not breath-taking, right? We do to! At AGC we aim to find a trip that 'fits' you. But if you don't feel that you are 'fit' enough for a trip – let's not use that as an excuse to delay signing-up; instead lets use it as motivational tool to train for a trip.
Salmon salad: the perfect adventure travel lunch
Halfway through the day we pulled over on a sandbar and the guides made lunch. Lunches on a raft trip are always good and this was no exception. But that day we had salmon salad. I didn't watch the
Hiking tips: 5 steps to save your knees
On hiking trips, especially those that involve significant or steep downs, your knees often take a pounding.
Training for hiking trips
I'm thinking about the topic of training for hiking trips right now because in less than 2 weeks I will be heading for Austria and our hiking trip in the Austrian Alps.
Outdoor Tips and Topics: Hydration Beverages
Women on outdoor trips need to increase the amount of water they typically drink during the day to keep adequately hydrated while exercising.