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2020 Trips and Our New Website
Last year we had all of our 2020 international trips posted on our website by the end of March.
20 Nonfiction Adventure Travel Books
Having something to read while you travel is almost as important as having your suitcase!
High Altitude Hiking - What You Need to Know to Handle Elevation!
You are planning a trip to a high-altitude location, but you live close to sea level. How do you prepare?
Announcing Our Adventuress of the Year Finalists
We're excited to announce our 15 finalists for the 2018 Adventuress of the Year Contest.
First Day Hikes 2019
First Day Hikes are part of a nationwide initiative led by America’s State Parks to encourage people to get outdoors. On New Year’s Day, hundreds of free, guided hikes will be organized in all 50 states.
Opt Outside with Adventures in Good Company
You're invited to join Adventures in Good Company guides in Opting Outside this Black Friday.
Adventure Travel for Women Under 50
What about adventure travel and that significant group of women who fall between these two bookends- Women Under 50?
Hiker's Glossary Part 5: Navigational Terms
This fifth and final installment of the Hiker's Glossary is a guide to navigational terms.
Program Manager position available
We've been growing in the last couple of years and we're looking for a fun and talented person to grow with us.
Trail Etiquette for Hiking Groups
Like everything in life, there are some all-too-often unspoken norms that dictate hiking etiquette. This is especially true for hiking in a group!
Hiker's Glossary Part 4: Different Types of Hiking
This fourth installment of the Hiker's Glossary is a guide to different types of hiking.
Hiker's Glossary Part 3: Common Terms
This third installment of the Hiker's Glossary is a guide to common hiking terms.
Epic Journey: Hiking and Kayaking in Greenland
There were a few fields of bright green grass in the small villages we visited.
Hiker's Glossary Part 2: Terrain
This second installment of the Hiker's Glossary is a guide to hiking terms related to terrain.
Hiker's Glossary Part 1: Trail Types
Whether you've been hiking for half a century or are looking to hit the trail for the first time, one of the greatest joys of hiking is that there are so many different things to discover on your own two feet.
How to See the Northern Lights in Alaska
The northern lights are one of the most stunning natural phenomena mankind can experience.
The 6 Best Hiking Apps
It's one thing to lose yourself in nature. It's an entirely different thing to get lost in nature.
Through a Guide's Eyes: Sketching in Tanzania with Brenda Porter
I absolutely love sharing and facilitating experiences throughout the world for women who want to be active and explore through sustainable travel.
Training For a Hike On and Off the Trail
If you think that the only way to train for a hike is by going hiking, you’re not alone.
Patagonia in Pictures
Patagonia is a vast, sparsely populated region of South America.
AGC meets GoodReads: A Summer Reading List
One of the many pleasures of women's hiking trip is that often the talk turns to books that we're currently reading or that we particularly enjoyed.
Choosing the right active vacation
In rock climbing lingo, the definition of "sandbag" is: "A climb which receives a much lower grade than deserved.
Getting ready for your next backpacking trip
I'm sitting here looking at a lot of snow and dreaming about being on the Appalachian Trail instead!
Do I really need to buy rain pants for my rafting or hiking trip
Rain pants are an essential piece of outdoor gear, especially but not only for hiking trips. But do you always need them?
How Adventures in Good Company got its start
March 22 was our 15th anniversary. People on our trips often ask how the company gotwomen on an adventure started so this seems like an appropriate occasion to tell the story more broadly.
How to start an adventure travel company
Occasionally someone calls to ask advice on how to start an adventure travel company. Since I love talking about business in general and Adventures in Good Company in particular, I'm always happy to share my experience with the emphasis that it is simply my experience.
How to Find Hiking Partners
In response to a recent blog, one reader commented with a question: Does anyone have ideas about how to find hiking partners?
Should you try barefoot hiking on your next hiking trip?
The other day, I was walking on a nearby trail when I took a double take of a fellow hiker passing me. She was walking when I first saw her; my gaze turned down and I noticed she was not wearing shoes.
Five Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice
The ‘official’ start of summer is around the corner! I have always been drawn to the season of summer, as a child it meant no school, long days at the pool, family vacations, and evenings spent chasing lightening bugs through the neighborhood.
Should you have expectations for adventure travel?
I started thinking about the issue of expectations and adventure travel after receiving a trip evaluation from a woman returning from her second trip with us.
Being an Adventure Travel Guide: Part 2
I intended to write the second part about being an adventure travel guide before leaving on my latest trip (Exploring Utah's National Parks) but I'm glad I waited.
Being an adventure travel guide: Part 1
We're frequently asked how one becomes an adventure travel guide. Less often asked, but at least equally important for anyone who is thinking about it, is what being a guide is actually like.
Choosing a tent for lightweight backpacking
If you're making the switch to lightweight backpacking, one of the easiest ways to decrease weight is to get a new tent. Yes, it can be hard on the wallet but it can make a big difference. So here are some things to consider.
Foot care on hiking and backpacking trips
My first long backpacking trip was 40 years ago in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. The first week my companion had constant trouble with blisters, trying a variety of treatments that were marginally successful.
Training Tips (Part II of III): RPE Decoded for Active Travel
A few mornings each week, I teach a group cycling class at a local gym. There are typically about 25 people in the class at all different fitness levels, each with different fitness goals. So how do I ensure each student gets the workout they need/want?
First Day Hikes - January 1, 2013
Two holidays down, one to go! As 2013 approaches, fresh starts and new habits are on the minds of many including our nation’s state parks.
Hawaii: Adventure Travel Style (psst... it's not all about beaches)
Images and advertisements for Hawaiian Vacations often depict coconut milk sipping tourists lounging on beach chairs, with leis around their necks, and grass skirts hula dancing by. Those images are certainly not false and are quite enticing… but did you know that Hawaii is a lot more than luaus and lying ocean-side?
Adventure Travel Training Trips: Training for Outdoor Travel Inside?
In most places, unbearable temperatures have made way for breezy, cool afternoons; among the perks of fall weather is the ability to get outdoors and train for your next adventure travel vacation.
High altitude adventure trips for women: what you need to know
Should you even consider one of our adventure trips for women that involve high altitude? If you're like most people, you may never have been over 8 - 10,000 feet and you have no idea how you will respond.
Knotty Active Travel Tips
Whether or not you earned your knot-tying badge in Girl Scouts, remembering how to tie certain knots can be challenging on adventure travel vacations.
Adventure Vacations in Outerspace
Take a hike – on the moon! No really… I’m serious – space travel for tourists is becoming a reality; that is, if you have a few hundred thousand (and for some trips a few million) dollars lying around.
Happy Birthday Appalachian Trail!
This week marks the 75th anniversary of the Appalachian Trail. Quite appropriately a group of women with Adventures in Good Company is out backpacking a section of the “AT” this week in Vermont.
4 Reasons to Visit Bryce and Zion National Parks
My first experience with women's adventure travel was in 2008 on AGC's Hiking in Bryce and Zion trip. As this annual trip approaches – I am reminded of that memorable experience.
Adventure travel for women over 50: Are there limitations?
No, there are no limitations on adventure travel for women over 50. See, wasn't that a simple answer?
Tips: Attitude and Gear Check for Adventure Travel
Throughout years of lightweight backpacking and adventure travel I have learned that and attitude and gear are two keys in preparation for active travel!
Hiking Vacations and Fitness: The Perfect Match
Hiking vacations have always been my personal favorite: hiking through beautiful scenery by day, enjoying fabulous food without any worries about weight gain, and then ending the day tired and happy in a cozy bed - it doesn't get better than that! But I now have confirmation that not only is it enjoyable, it's even good for me!!
Backpacking Adventures: Thoughts on Ultralight and Lightweight Backpacking
I go to the mountains on backpacking adventures to enjoy natural beauty and solitude. I want to get away from houses, roads, and city life. To do this I take very little stuff with me
Hiking Amalfi Coast: Five things you might not know
Maybe you have experience hiking Amalfi Coast so you do know these things, but I sure didn't the first time I did our "Amazing Amalfi" trip.
The Hunger Games and Adventure Travel
On Adventures in Good Company trips, participants often share some of their favorite books. The conversations usually results in a compilation of recommended reads. So, I thought I'd share a brainstorm after just finishing the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
Adventure travel for women over 50
On our Facebook page we recently posted the question: "In planning for next year we're thinking about adding one adventure travel trip specifically for women over 50. The median age of our participants is probably 52 or 53. If you're over 50, is this appealing? If you're under 50, does this feel discriminatory?"
What's the point of adventure travel? (a guest post)
Why? Why do it? Why go to the edges of the earth, then peak over and wonder what’s beyond? Beyond this be there dragons?
How much water should you drink a day?
The question of how much water you should drink a day is both common and important. When you're on outdoor adventure trips, staying adequately hydrated is critical not only to your enjoyment and efficiency, its also important to your safety: being dehydrated can lead to clumsiness and poor decision-making.
Three myths about womens travel
Womens travel has grown significantly in the last 20 years, with over two dozen companies that specialize in women only travel or offer women only trips in conjunction with their regular offerings.
Backpacking - Fit is Everything!
So---you're looking for a new backpack. You've decided on the size you need, noted any special features you would like and are open to 'sticker shock' but hoping to be surprised with a good sale.