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Why Panama should be your next adventure travel destination
All the reasons you should consider Panama
Announcing Partnerships with National Parks' Friends Groups
Adventures in Good Company is proud to announce partnerships with the official partners of twelve U.S. National Parks.
Five Highlights of Traveling as a Mother-Daughter Duo
With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’ve been thinking about some of the mother/daughter duos who have traveled with us over the years.
How We Price Our Adventure Trips
Like many women, I was brought up not to talk about money. But as I schedule our 2015 trips and determine what we'll charge for our adventure trips, I wanted to share some of our pricing principles.
Can adventure travel be too cheap?
I've written before about why adventure travel is so expensive and what goes into the the price of a trip. But can adventure travel be too cheap?
How to sabotage your next adventure vacation
Sometimes your adventure vacation goes wrong all by itself - your flight is delayed or cancelled, you get sick just before you were supposed to leave, there is a flood or fire in the area you were supposed to visit, etc.
Staying in touch on international adventure travel trips
One of the most confusing issues travelers face on international adventure trips is how to stay in touch with people back home. There are so many options and so many variables, and it all changes so quickly!
4 tips for saving money on adventure travel gear and clothing
If you're new to adventure travel or an outdoor activity, sometimes you might wonder if you have to make a choice between getting what you need and putting your child through college or retiring before the age of 80.
Is adventure travel the right choice for you?
I used to think adventure travel was the right kind of travel for anyone who was basically healthy and mobile. Of course in my 20s, I also assumed that everyone, given a choice, would prefer to spend their weekends hiking and camping.
Why is adventure travel so expensive?
Adventure travel is expensive. Maybe not compared to luxury cars, exclusive resorts, or fancy jewelry - but those aren't the yardsticks most of use to judge whether something costs alot.
Overseas adventure travel first aid kit - Part 2
In the last post I offered a general list of things I always take on any overseas adventure travel trip. Actually I pack the same items on a trip in the United States, with one exception- Cipro, a broad spectrum antibiotic.
What's in your overseas adventure travel first aid kit
When thinking about what to put in your overseas adventure travel first aid kit, you need to answer three questions:
Adventure travel is like investing
At the height of the financial panic, many people pulled all their money out of the stock market and have left it in a money market account ever since.
Choosing destinations for overseas adventure travel
One of our hardest tasks is picking destinations for new trips, particularly for overseas adventure travel.