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2020 Trips and Our New Website
Last year we had all of our 2020 international trips posted on our website by the end of March.
20 Ideas for Responsible Travel
Perhaps you’ve heard of sustainable travel, low impact travel, or green travel. We like the term "Responsible Travel."
An Interview with Sabina Sirco
One of the greatest joys of adventure travel is meeting like-minded women all over the globe.
An Interview with Maria Abud, Owner of Patagonia Trails
We talked about sustainability, women in business, and the joy of the mountains.
20 Nonfiction Adventure Travel Books
Having something to read while you travel is almost as important as having your suitcase!
20 Tips for International Travel
In honor of our 20th Anniversary, we're sharing some of the priceless wisdom we've learned over our last two decades of guiding women's adventure travel. This month: 20 tips for international travel!
20 Ways Adventure Travel Has Changed in 20 Years
We’ve seen a lot of change in our 20 years of adventure travel, and much of this change mirrors larger changes in our society. Here are 20 things that have dramatically changed in the world of adventure travel over the last two decades.