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We do a lot of women's hiking trips on the Appalachian Trail in the eastern part of the U.S.: Georgia, southern and northern Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire and Maine. However there is much more to this part of the country than the Appalachian Trail and we love to explore the Adirondacks on foot and in a kayak, ramble in the Blue Ridge Mountains, take advantage of the outdoor playgrounds of Harpers Ferry and the north Georgia Mountains, bike and paddle our way around Cape Cod and the Islands, paddle with Manatees, and kayak on the Suwannee River. You can learn how to hike in the mountains or lightweight backpack, or if you have some backpacking experience, you can try backpacking a section of the Appalachian Trail. Minnesota is also one of our favorite places for outdoor recreation! The crisp air and fall foliage along the Superior Hiking Trail makes it ideal for autumn hiking and of course it’s the perfect location to try dogsledding and cross country skiing. Many of our East Coast trips take place in National Parks so check out that page too.