Why Choose Us?

"I have been on trips with different companies and this is the first time that a trip has managed to accommodate every individual's level of interest and ability without compromising anyone else's."

Our trips aren't the right choice for everyone. If you want luxury accommodations, an emphasis on touring cities, bus tours, or a spa experience - those are all great choices, they're just not what we offer. But if you love being active and outdoors in the company of other women, if you think the best way to visit a new country is on foot or in a kayak, then read on and see if what we offer matches what you're looking for.

  • Our guides focus on every individual and her needs and wants. If there is any way they can help you get what you're looking for, you can be sure they will.
  • We create itineraries that are as flexible as possible for the activity and destination. Even when you don't have the option about how far to hike (for example on a backpacking trip where you have to move every day), you still have flexibility in the pace you hike. There are 2 guides on almost every trip which greatly increases the options available.
  • We choose our guides for their excellent technical and interpersonal skills, certainly. But even more important, we look for women who just naturally have a keen interest in others, who respect and enjoy the personal and unique self that every woman brings to our trips. Our guides know when to chat--and, equally important, they know when not to.
  • Sometimes a "women's trip" is interpreted as not being physically challenging. Some of our trips are not, while other trips offer challenges that range from 4 hours of hiking to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. However, all of our trips are for women who enjoy being active.
  • As long as we know about your dietary needs in advance, we can accommodate almost any of them: gluten-free diets, wheat or peanut allergies, vegan and vegetarian, low fat etc. The only exception is occasionally in other countries where food options are more limited.
  • We know some people have more discretionary time than others, so we offer trips as short as four days and as long as three weeks.
  • We know some people have more discretionary income than others, so we offer trips across an entire price spectrum, from $825 to over $5000.
  • If this sounds like what you want, we would love to have you join us!